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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez co-parent 5 kids from previous marriages — here's a look inside their newly-blended family

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on a cruise with Seraphina Affleck and Emme Muniz in 2022.
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on a cruise with Seraphina Affleck and Emme Muniz in 2022.Pierre Suu/Getty Images
  • Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck met in 2001 but didn't get married until 2022.

  • In the years between the time they met and their marriage, they each had children of their own.

  • Meet their blended family, which consists of five kids between the ages of 11 and 17.

After meeting on the set of "Gigli" in 2001, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Afleck engaged in a decades-long romantic saga before getting married in 2022.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in 2003.
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in 2003.Chris Weeks/Getty Images

The couple met while filming "Gigli" in 2001. By the time the film came out in 2003, Affleck and Lopez were engaged and in the year following the movie's release, they postponed their wedding before officially splitting up.


After years of sporadically making public comments regarding their past relationship, the couple began spending a significant amount of time with one another in 2021. About a month after photos of the couple kissing at a restaurant in Malibu were made public, Lopez officially announced that they had rekindled their old relationship by posting a photo of herself and Affleck kissing on Instagram.

They got married just a year later, in 2022.

Both Lopez and Affleck have children from previous marriages.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck; Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony
Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck; Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.Jim McIsaac/Getty Images; Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez was married to Marc Anthony from 2008 to 2014, whereas Ben Affleck was married to Jennifer Garner from 2005 and 2018.

Lopez's twins, Emme and Maximillion, are 15 years old. Affleck has three children: Violet, Seraphina Rose, and Samuel, who are 17, 14, and 11 respectively.

Lopez and Affleck now co-parent each other's children from their previous marriages.

On an episode of "The View" in May 2023, Lopez praised Affleck for being an "amazing dad" to her children.

"He's such a brilliant guy anyway, and you can tell that when he had his kids he must have read every book and everything that you could possibly learn about children, and he applies it," Lopez said on The View, according to Insider.

Born in 2005, 17-year-old Violet Affleck is the oldest daughter of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

Jennifer Garner and her daughter, Violet Affleck, in 2022.
Jennifer Garner and her daughter, Violet Affleck, in 2022.Nathan Howard/Getty Images

Violet Affleck is Garner and Affleck's first child, and the oldest among Affleck and Lopez's blended family.

Garner has been vocal about her oldest daughter's experience growing up with famous parents. According to People, Garner told The Hollywood Reporter in 2021 that, as a little girl, "[Violet] stood up on a chair in a little velvet dress, with her hair a bit back and her glasses on and she didn't say her R's right, and she said: 'We didn't ask for this. We don't want these cameras, they're scary. The men are scary, they knock each other over and it's hard to feel like a kid when you're being chased.'"

In 2022, Affleck told The Los Angeles Times that he, too, worries about how his public-facing lifestyle will affect his kids. "Even the 'Sad Affleck' meme — that was funny to me," he said.

"But then my kids see it and I think, 'Oh, are they going to think their dad is fundamentally sad or they have to worry about me?' That's really tough," he continued.

In 2019, Garner told Katie Couric that she wouldn't let her daughter join Instagram. According to People, when Violet asks for her mother's permission to create an account, Garner tells her, "When you can show me studies that say that teenage girls are happier using Instagram than not, then we can have the conversation," Garner told Couric.

Garner and Affleck's second child, 14-year-old Seraphina, was born in 2009.

Ben Affleck and Seraphina Rose Affleck.
Ben Affleck and Seraphina Rose Affleck.Pierre Suu/Getty Images

Seraphina is the middle child of Affleck and Garner.

Shortly after divorcing, Garner and Affleck hosted Seraphina's 9th birthday in 2018.

The now 14- year-old seems to enjoy the company of Lopez's children. Seraphina was spotted with Sam, and Lopez's child, Emme, at Universal CityWalk in 2021.

Born in 2012, the third child of Affleck and Garner, Samuel, is now a pre-teen.

Ben Affleck and Samuel Garner Affleck in 2023.
Ben Affleck and Samuel Garner Affleck in 2023.Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Affleck and his youngest child, Sam, frequently attend sporting events together. Recently, they attended a basketball game during the 2023 NBA All-Star Weekend in 2023. The father-son duo was spotted cheering on the Boston Celtics as they played against the Los Angeles Lakers in 2022.

According to People, Affleck discussed the fleeting nature of his children's youth with Drew Barrymore on an episode of The Drew Barrymore Show. He said, "These beautiful children who are innocent and loving and want to sit on your lap and hold you, and then they turn into, 'You can close the door,' like, 'Oh so you don't want to play Chutes and Ladders, I can just go?'"

"It's the gift of life all those moments and I'm beginning to see now how they are fleeting but now I treasure all these little moments," he continued.

In 2018, Garner told People that she sings to her son before bed every night. "It's so soothing," she said. "There's no better feeling than a little kid in your lap while you rock him and sing to him."

Following their divorce, Garner and Affleck were seen supporting Sam at a swimming lesson in 2020.

Emme Muñiz, one of J-Lo's twins, was born in 2008.

Emme Maribel Muniz and Jennifer Lopez in 2022.
Emme Maribel Muniz and Jennifer Lopez in 2022.James Devaney/Getty Images

As a child, Emme Maribel Muñiz was featured in Lopez's "Limitless" music video in 2018.

Muniz and Lopez have performed together on various occasions — one being the 2022 LA Dodgers Blue Diamond Gala, where Lopez made headlines for introducing her child with gender-neutral pronouns.

"And I ask them to sing with me all the time and they won't," Lopez said on stage at the event, according to Insider.

"So this is a very special occasion. They are very, very busy. Booked. And pricey," she continued. "They cost me when they come out. But they're worth every single penny because they're my favorite duet partner of all time."

Emme's twin brother, Maximilian Muñiz, is the only other child of J-Lo.

Jennifer Lopez and her son Maximillian Muñiz in 2022.
Jennifer Lopez and her son Maximillian Muñiz in 2022.Pierre Suu/Getty Images

On her twins' 10th birthday, Lopez wrote each of them sentimental notes on Instagram in a post that has since been removed.

To her son, she wrote, "Max, you are my heart, my love, and my light," she wrote in 2018, according to Popsugar. "You brighten up every day for me with your kindness and caring, your love and awareness. Your energy is unmatched, your sense of humor makes everyone around you laugh, and I marvel at your depth of understanding of people and the world. My old soul, my beautiful boy."

Lopez told "Today" that their families have recently moved in together, and that she and Affleck co-parent five children.

Emme Muñiz and Ben Affleck in 2022.
Emme Muñiz and Ben Affleck in 2022.Bellocqimages/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

"We moved in together, the kids moved in together," Lopez said on the "Today" show in 2023, according to People.

"So it's been a really kind of emotional transition. But at the same time, all your dreams coming true, and it's just been a phenomenal year," she said.

In a 2023 appearance on "Live with Kelly and Mark," Lopez noted the number of teenagers in her newly-blended household.

"That's almost five teenagers," she said. "The youngest is 11, so he's not quite [a teen], but preteen. He's an angel."

"The teenage years are tough," she continued. "They start challenging you and everything. You have this baby for a while and then it's like your best little friend who loves being with you all the time, and all of a sudden they're like, 'Get out of my room.'"

In the summer of 2022, the blended family was recently spotted on a vacation in Paris.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on a cruise with Seraphina Affleck and Emme Muniz in 2022.
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on a cruise with Seraphina Affleck and Emme Muniz in 2022.Pierre Suu/Getty Images

Town & Country referred to the couple's post-wedding trip as more of a "familymoon" than a honeymoon.

In photos of their family vacation, Emme Muniz and Seraphina Affleck are seen laughing together on a boat while they cruise down the River Seine.

Lopez recently told "The View" that her two teenagers "don't want to talk" to her.

Jennifer Lopez and her children, Emme Maribel Muñiz and Maximilian David Muñiz in 2020.
Jennifer Lopez and her children, Emme Maribel Muñiz and Maximilian David Muñiz in 2020.Johnny Louis/Getty Images

According to Insider, in an interview on "The View" in 2023, Lopez discussed her experience parenting teenagers, saying that her 15-year-old twins "don't want to talk" to her all that much these days.

"It's all necessary, and intellectually, I understand it, but my heart, my heart hurts," Lopez said.

She also noted that, as a mother, she gets the brunt of the hostility. "I remember my mom saying to me, 'I'm always the bad guy,'" she said.

"There is some truth to that, you know, the mom, you get a little bit of the brunt of it," she continued.

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