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Best blue light blocking glasses of 2021 to help with eye fatigue

·5-min read

With most of the world’s population in lockdown, internet usage and screen time is sky-high.

We are all going from working at our computers all day without much movement or rest, to Netflix, Zoom or House Party in the evening to stay connected to our friends and family. Our live feeds and streaming services are viewed more than ever before.

But with this increase in digital consumption comes the inevitable eye strain caused by the blue light emitted from our devices. The British Medical Journal describes this syndrome as “encompass[ing] a range of ocular and visual symptoms, and estimates suggest its prevalence may be 50 per cent or more among computer users.” High Energy Visible (HEV) blue light can cause migraines, fatigue, blurred vision, dry eyes, and can even interrupt your eight hours by interfering with sleep-inducing melatonin.

There is no real end in sight to sitting in front of screens all day - be it your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. In fact, it is likely that we will all be having more and more exposure. So what is the solution?

Skincare brands everywhere have launched speciality products that can help block the harmful free radicals from causing oxidative stress on your skin, thus weakening its barrier and causing premature ageing and hyperpigmentation. Similarly, there are glasses that can protect your eyes from screen damage.

The protective eyewear acts as a barrier for better visual comfort, enhanced clarity and for a precautionary measure, which is always easier than looking for a cure. The modern age necessity filters out the blue light with anti-glare lenses to shield the fibres in your eyes - and are offered in a range of stylish silhouettes.

Shop our favourites now.

Foxmans Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Protect your eyes and look good while doing it with these stylish tortoiseshell round frame glasses from Foxmans. The lenses are designed to block out 30 per cent of HEV light to lessen the symptoms and side effects that it can cause. They are set in a premium plastic frame that is hard-wearing but lightweight.


£22.89 | Amazon

Cyxus Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses

The Cyxus blue light specs form a shield to minimise headaches and eye fatigue when worn. They are fitted with a clear lens without a colour tint to ensure your vision is crystal clear with a slight magnification for a sharper image. The frames themselves are designed to give you the utmost comfort with a wider nose pad and more durable five hinge construction. The square frames are also universally flattering.


£17.99 | Amazon

ATTCL Unisex Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Available in a range of colours, these specs have a timeless 50s inspired design in tortoiseshell, black, and pink with silver or gold framing. They are designed to be ultra-lightweight so that they are comfortable to wear all day. The lenses have both blue light and UV protection.


£17.89 | Amazon

COOLOO Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you are becoming increasingly concerned about the condition of your eyes, this label has got you covered with these glasses that have a specialised anti-blue light lens that will put less strain on your eyes. The frames have a lightweight construction and are offered in a black hue as well as a huge range of other colours.


£9.99 | Amazon

Pallas Anti-Blue Light Glasses

Tapping into the retro-chic glasses trend with an aviator-inspired design, these fashion-forward, unisex and titanium frames are fitted with a blue light filter that you can adapt to your prescription. The lenses have an anti-reflection coating and are not tinted.

 (Ambre Glasses)
(Ambre Glasses)

£51 | Ambr Eyewear

Silhouette Dynamics Colorwave Core Accent Rings

Austrian luxury eyewear brand Silhouette use built-in lens technology to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light rays. They can be worn with or without prescription lenses and are coated with UV Plus glazing. The glasses come in a variety of shapes including this stand-out hexagonal design.


£226 | Cool Frames

Neil Satin Gold Tiger Wood Blue Light Glasses

This Amsterdam-born glasses brand is offering these effortlessly cool screen glasses with a thin round frame in a variety of colours. You can opt for prescription lenses or just make the most of the blue light filter to give your eyes a rest. The super thin frames also have a scratch-proof coating.

 (Ace + Tate)
(Ace + Tate)

£98 | Ace + Tate

Quay Jezabell Anti-Blue Light Glasses

Quay are on hand with trend driven silhouettes in order to shield your eyes from blue light with the utmost style. The specs brand has an extensive collection of frames but the Jezabell is our favourite with a retro-feel and oversized round shape. They are fitted with a clear blue light-blocking lens to eliminate symptoms like headaches and others relating to digital eye strain.


£49 | Quay Australia

Worsley Blue Light Glasses

These unisex frames come in either a fun red hue or tortoise print to give your eyes the protection that they need. The lenses can be clear or light adaptive with an anti-reflection and anti-scratch coating. They are housed in a stylish subtle cat-eye silhouette.


£49.99 | Specscart


The Foxmans specs have earned our best pick due to their affordable price tag, super stylish round frame and protective anti-blue light lenses. They will work wonders in reducing your daily migraines and lessening the symptoms of digital eye strain. They have a good, comfortable fit and will even help improve your sleep pattern.

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