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The best books for novice property investors

Books on person finance and mortgages. Photo: Graeme Robertson/Getty Images

If you’re going to put your money into property, you need to do your reading first because there are plenty of pitfalls for novice investors.

Fortunately, help is at hand from those who have been through it all before — and know where the traps are.

There are lots of property investing books on the market to give you the benefit of someone else’s experience and inspire you with stories of success.

From advice on the law to tax and how to spot a bargain from a lost cause, these books are wells of wisdom from which you can draw.

Here are five of the best-selling books currently on sale for property investors wanting to get ahead in a difficult market.

Property Magic: How to Buy Property Using Other People’s Time, Money and Experience by Simon Zutshi

Zutshi began investing in property back in the mid-1990s eventually securing financial freedom and founding the Property Investors Network. His highly-rated book Property Magic is now in its 10 edition and puts emphasis on ethics within investing as well as making lots of money.

The Complete Guide to Property Investment: How to Survive & Thrive in the New World of Buy-to-Let by Rob Dix

It’s just as well this book says it’s fully up to date for 2019 because there has been a ton of changes to buy-to-let in recent years. Dix, an investor and self-described property geek, promises to teach you everything you need to know about property investing today.

Your Property Jumpstart: How to build a Thriving Property Business With No Money, No Experience, and No Prior Knowledge by Paul McFadden

McFadden claims to have built up a multi-million pound portfolio of properties from scratch. He says his book is a roadmap to achieving the same—a thriving property business. Your Property Jumpstart takes readers through investment strategies, raising finance, negotiating deals and more.

John Howard’s Inside Guide to Property Development and Investment for Newcomers by John Howard

Howard boasts of buying and selling more than 3,500 properties over the past 35 years and is involved in a number of estate agencies too. This book is a complete guide to property investment and development, he says, “from someone who’s been there and done it all.”