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The best Christmas movies on Netflix

·5-min read
Photo credit: Columbia pictures/Getty Images/Digital Spy - Netflix
Photo credit: Columbia pictures/Getty Images/Digital Spy - Netflix

It's that time of the year! So what better excuse than cold weather outside to snuggle up on your sofa and watch the seemingly never-ending list of Christmas films on Netflix?

But if you're feeling overwhelmed with what to watch, we've got you covered. Warm-up your mulled wine and mince pie, get your reindeer ears on and sit yourself down in front of these list of crackers.

The Holiday

Photo credit: Universal Pictures
Photo credit: Universal Pictures

While it didn't have the best reception on its release in 2006, The Holiday has quietly become a festive mainstay for anyone who falls for its easy charm.

Sure, it's largely unoriginal, but Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Jack Black see it through as four charismatic stars unexpectedly find love at Christmas.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Undoubtedly Netflix's best original Christmas movie in 2020, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey isn't just a holiday feast of a movie but also an important step forward for diversity and representation in festive movies.

The tale of an down-on-his-luck former inventor who learns to reawaken the magic within thanks to his spirited granddaughter, it's a lively and fast-paced Christmas musical that you'll return to year after year.

A Christmas Prince

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

A Christmas Prince became a surprise hit in 2017 as some people loved it so much, they watched it 18 days in a row.

The age-old tale sees a reporter going undercover to get the scoop on a prince, only to fall in love with him in a surprise twist. It proved so popular that there's been two further movies, The Royal Wedding and The Royal Baby, so there's a whole trilogy to enjoy.


Look, we're not saying Nativity! is an all-time classic, but there's no denying that the heartfelt British comedy about a school nativity show has been a hit.

It's spawned three sequels (with David Tennant replacing Martin Freeman for the second) and a stage musical that was headed by none other than Danny Dyer. Now you can see what all the fuss is about, as well as the first of the sequels if you like what you see.


Klaus is the best Netflix original Christmas movie and that's the snow-topped hill we're going to die on. It tells an alternate origin story for Santa Claus as a spoilt postman befriends a reclusive toymaker on an isolated island.

With more than a splash of Nightmare Before Christmas-esque quirky, dark humour and gorgeous 2D animation, we'd even go as far as saying Klaus is one of the best Christmas movies this century.

The Princess Switch trilogy

Photo credit: @vanessahudgens - Instagram
Photo credit: @vanessahudgens - Instagram

Netflix just seems to know what works when it comes to their original Christmas offerings. If A Christmas Prince isn't for you, then The Princess Switch could be just the ticket with Vanessa Hudgens in a dual role.

It's your typical undemanding and sweet Prince and the Pauper-style class-swap comedy, with a princess deciding to swap places with a lookalike "commoner". The sequel Switched Again provides more of the same joy while the third, Romancing the Star, is a Christmas rom-com and a heist movie all in one. What more could you ask for?

The Christmas Chronicles

To be honest, we're just surprised that it's taken someone this long to cast Kurt Russell as Santa, but we're thankful that The Christmas Chronicles finally did just that.

Instantly becoming one of the best-ever screen takes on the lovable Santa, the movie follows a well-worn festive plot (kids must help save Christmas), yet does it in an unashamedly cheesy way. As does the sequel, which is also available to watch right now.


If all the other movies on this list are too nice for you, then check out horror-comedy Krampus as director Michael Dougherty does for the festive season what he did for Halloween with the brilliant Trick 'r Treat.

Krampus sees a dysfunctional family unleash the titular ancient evil who punishes non-believers. It's hilarious, it's gory and it teaches about the importance of believing in Christmas – the perfect package.

Love Actually

Photo credit: Universal
Photo credit: Universal

Love it or hate it, Love Actually is undeniably a Christmas classic. Hugh Grant dancing, Colin Firth twinkling and a way-too-young Keira Knightley (17 at the time) being hit on by Rick Grimes (29 at the time). Plus the Beach Boys and Bill Nighy being Billy Nighy. There's really not much else to ask for...

A Very Murray Christmas

Photo credit: Rich Fury - Getty Images
Photo credit: Rich Fury - Getty Images

Bill Murray redefines the Christmas variety show with his special that features a wide-ranging cast: George Clooney, Amy Poehler, Michael Cera, Chris Rock, Maya Rudolph, Jason Schwartzman, Jenny Lewis, Rashida Jones, and Miley Cyrus amongst others. There is an actual plot to the special, but that's second to the hijinks and festive feels you'll get from an hour with some comedy greats.

Single All The Way

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

One of Netflix's 2021 Christmas movies, Single All The Way (which we gave four stars) is two hours of love triangles, family therapy sessions and painfully oblivious protagonists follow – along with several laugh out loud moments. And while there are some cringe moments (what cheesy Christmas film wouldn't have them?) we're all for a film that centres queer romance at its heart.

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