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These Are The Best European Cities To Remotely Job Hunt In

Nick Levine
·2-min read

Working from home during this year’s pandemic has been a game-changer. Suddenly the idea of relocating to the coast or somewhere more peaceful doesn’t seem quite so out of reach.

It’s also opened up the possibility of working remotely from a European city and applying for jobs in Europe which you can do remotely from your home in the UK.

The main benefit of applying for jobs based in Europe, of course, is the potential to unlock a better salary. In certain sectors you can also delve into a far larger pool of job opportunities.

According to new research by DirectlyApply, Copenhagen is the best city for Brits to apply for remote jobs in. The Danish capital has a high percentage of English speakers, a decent number of jobs that can be done remotely, and relatively affordable return flights from the UK.

Crucially, the average monthly salary is around £600 higher than in the UK – a lot more than mere small change.

Luxembourg places second on the list, thanks largely to its large average monthly income of £3,246, which is around £900 greater than the UK’s monthly average.

Rejkjavik in Iceland finishes third. It’ average monthly income is around £600 more than in the UK, but it’s worth noting that return flights are also relatively costly. The research estimates that remote British workers would have to pay an average of £200 every time they were required to make a trip to their Reykjavik office.

Stockholm places fourth because it’s deemed the European city “most prepared” to take on remote workers. More than 30% of jobs available in the Swedish capital can be done remotely – more than in any other city.

Check out the top 10 cities for Brits to apply for remote jobs in, as compiled by DirectlyApply.

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