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The best part-time jobs for students right now

You could earn more from part-time waiting than some full-time jobs. Photo: Bimo Luki/Unsplash

Students could earn significantly more in part-time telesales, assistant, or labour work than in a full-time job, according to a new report.

While the minimum wage for those aged 18-20 currently sits at £6.15 an hour, analysis of over 3,000 job vacancies by job site CV-Library found students can potentially earn a lot more in many part-time roles.

These are the best part-time jobs for students right now:

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Telesales could be the right job if you’re a natural people person who is interested in making £12 an hour. As well as topping the list for average pay, telesales jobs often offer additional bonuses.

Want to gain experience in an office environment? An administrator job is the perfect opportunity. Take phone calls, do filing, manage diaries, and perform other general admin duties for £10.89 an hour.

Employers love candidates with great customer service skills. Working part-time as a customer service assistant could be hugely beneficial to your future career prospects — not to mention your wallet, with average pay at £10.41 an hour.

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You can land a job as a receptionist for £10.18 an hour that will help you build on your IT, communication, and interpersonal skills. Plus, it’s great for building your network, as you never know who you’re going to meet.

If the office isn’t for you, try something outdoors. Labourers make £9.97 an hour. But it will involve a lot of manual work, so be prepared to get your hands dirty!

With the exams period coming up, plenty of schools and colleges are looking to recruit invigilators to supervise test takers in May and June. Full training is usually provided, and you could make £9.82 an hour.

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Whether it’s a large store or a small independent shop, working as a retail assistant could give you heaps of experience and line your pockets with £9.39 an hour.

You’ll meet lots of new people as a kitchen porter, working with a team to keep everything clean. Earn £9.27 an hour while benefiting from time behind the scenes in a cooking environment.

Waiting and bartending are good ways to earn £9.04 an hour, whether it’s serving race-goers at Royal Ascot or pouring drinks at Wembley Stadium. Not to mention that the hours are usually flexible, which suits a lot of student.

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Finally, having excellent attention to detail could make you £8.84 an hour if you land a cleaning job.