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Best washing machine, fridge freezer and dishwasher UK Cyber Monday deals

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Black Friday is over, but Cyber Monday is here, and it's a great opportunity to buy home appliances for a cheaper price. Washing machines and fridges often come with a hefty price tag, making this pre-Christmas sales period the ideal time to invest in your kitchen devices.

This year, many of the best offers we have seen are from Currys PC World, which has made huge reductions prices on a range of home appliances and is offering extra discount codes to savvy shoppers.

Here is The Telegraph's guide to the best fridge, fridge freezer, dishwasher and washing machines on offer for Cyber Monday this year.

Black Friday products

Best fridge and fridge freezer deals 

LG fridge freezer

Was £1,299.99, now £899 from Currys PC World

LG fridge freezer

This fridge freezer has a 405 litre capacity fridge and 196 litre capacity freezer, includes a water and ice dispenser, and has a self-sufficient plumbing system - this means it can be installed anywhere in your kitchen.

It comes connected to the LG Appliance Smart Diagnosis app, which helps you analyse any issues with the appliance. With £400 off it's a pretty major steal - especially for such a hefty piece of kitchen kit. This product has an A rating for energy efficiency.

Kenwood KNF60X17

Was £539.99, now £299.99 from Currys PC World

 Kenwood KNF60X17 Fridge Freezer.jpg

This Kenwood appliance is fantastic for families who freeze food a lot: it is 60 per cent fridge, 40 per cent freezer, has a fast freeze mode and has an LED touch panel which lets you pick the right settings for your freezer. It also has low noise levels and a holiday mode. You can get an additional 10 per cent off with the code KENWOOD1 at checkout.

Black Friday | The best deals

Samsung A-Series RSA1RTMG fridge freezer

Was £799, now £499 from

This Samsung fridge freezer doesn't require plumbing for installation, has 340 litres of fridge capacity and 180 litres of freezer capacity. It opens wide and has American fridge doors, as well as a water dispenser.

Samsung RSA1RTPN fridge freezer

Was £899.99 now £549, from Currys PC World


This is a fantastic reduction on a large fridge freezer that is ideal for families. It has a 345 litre fridge and a 198 litre freezer, with 11 storage compartments including five door guards and five adjustable shelves. It comes with a Brita chilled-water dispenser and has an A+ energy rating.

Best washing machine deals 

AEG ProSense spin washing machine

Was £579.99, now £329 from Currys PC World

AEG ProSense L6FBI842N Washing Machine

With an 8kg capacity, this AEG front-loading, white washing machine cleans every load efficiently, measuring and adjusting the time automatically for every cycle to preserve energy and prevent water waste. Certified by Woolmark, it can be used to wash wool clothing, including those pesky 'hand wash-only' items that stay at the bottom of the laundy basket for months on end. It has a spin speed of 1400 rpm, can do a quick wash in as little as 20 minutes and is praised as an incredibly quiet appliance.

Hoover DHL 14102D3

Was £499.99, now £269 from Currys PC World


This Hoover appliance has a larger capacity of 10kg and can wash garments in as little as 14 minutes. If you have an Android smartphone, you can control and monitor the machine from afar, using the Hoover Wizard app. Plus, its energy-saving mode adjusts the cycle time based on the weight of your laundry, reducing the amount of water and electricity used.

Best dishwasher deals

Bosch freestanding dishwasher

Was £499, now £399 from Tesco


This dishwasher from Bosch has six washing programmes, a capacity for up to 13 place settings and uses a low water consumption of only 6.5 litres, which makes it an efficient appliance.

BEKO DIN15X10 Full-size Integrated Dishwasher

Was £349.99, now £199 from Currys PC World

BEKO Fully Integrated Dishwasher

One of the key features to this dishwasher is that it tries to be as quiet as possible, minimising the sound of rotating jets and alongside the jangling cutlery. A quick wash takes under an hour (or under 2 hours in its eco-friendly mode), and its racks are adjustable even when the machine is full.