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'Big Brother Canada' Season 10 triple eviction episode was a 'hot mess'

·4-min read
Big Brother Canada Season 10 (Corus Entertainment/Insight Productions/Joanna Bell) (Joanna Bell)

Big Brother Canada Season 10 hit a milestone on Thursday with the season’s triple eviction, which resulted in Summer Sayles, Gino Giannopoulos and Marty Frenette being evicted from the house and moving to jury.

“The whole thing was a hot mess,” Summer told Yahoo Canada on Friday. “But let’s be real, the triple evictions have been iconic, so it was fitting for me because I am an iconic player.”

This week, Gino was the first of the three people evicted from the house after a red gummy bear put him on the block. If you’re behind or you need to refresh your memory, Marty brought Gino, Jacey-Lynne Graham, Kevin Jacobs and Haleena Gill together. He made them pick out a gummy bear and whoever picked the red one would go on the block, but he gave Gino a choice to pick a gummy bear or pass on the whole exercise. Of course, Gino participates and picks the red candy.

“I checked with everybody, everybody was on board 100 per cent that we would vote Josh out,” Marty explained. "It didn't work.”

Gino’s reflection on that event is a little more negative.

“I felt at that moment that I was ambushed because I was offered the opportunity to put [the gummy bear] inside and obviously I wanted to show them…that I'm a team player,” he said. “What I should have done is ate that gummy bear and said no, but I didn't do it.”

“I felt like Kevin was the one who should have gone on the block. I feel like game-wise it would make more sense too because you're risking the loyalty of one person to two, because obviously me and Jacey-Lynne are working together.”

Big Brother Canada Season 10 (Corus Entertainment/Insight Productions/Joanna Bell)
Big Brother Canada Season 10 (Corus Entertainment/Insight Productions/Joanna Bell)

When Josh Nash became the new Head of Household he nominated Summer to go on the block and that didn’t go over well at all.

“I was surprised that [Josh] made that decision because he was somebody that I would never consider putting up, and it is my fault for overlooking him as a player because of my personal relationship,” Summer said. “But I cussed him out because during his very poor pitch to me…he said that I was [his] number one early on in the game.”

Big Brother Canada Season 10 (Corus Entertainment/Insight Productions/Joanna Bell)
Big Brother Canada Season 10 (Corus Entertainment/Insight Productions/Joanna Bell)

'I got called a snake in front of Canada'

With Josh also nominating Marty for eviction, it’s certainly possible that some may see this as revenge for all those times he was Head of Household, but the competitor did admit if could go back and change his strategy, he would try to have less blood on his hands.

“I got splattered with blood, I got called a snake in front of Canada,” he said. “I know winning [Head of Household] you have to make tough decisions,... but I was put in this position every time.”

“On day 34 when I voted Gino out, I got caught in a commotion,…my head was in such a weird place that there's no way I wanted to vote him out. I would definitely change that one.”

Gino and Summer, on the other hand, are both in agreement that they got involved in too many alliances throughout the game, complicating matters for their individual strategies.

“I got into too many alliances and big ones too,... I should have just stuck to four people,” Gino said.

“That put me in a position where I didn't want to give it my 110 per cent in competitions because it's like, ‘oh my gosh, I'm aligned with half of the house,’” Summer added. “Towards the end of the game when all the alliances broke up, I probably should have still formed one small one, just to protect myself because I was a bit of an individual player that was just all over the place.”

Big Brother Canada Season 10 (Corus Entertainment/Insight Productions/Joanna Bell)
Big Brother Canada Season 10 (Corus Entertainment/Insight Productions/Joanna Bell)

Who is most likely to win 'Big Brother Canada' Season 10?

In terms of who the evicted houseguests think may make it to the end, being named the winner of this season of Big Brother Canada, Marty, Summer and Gino aren't in agreement.

Marty thinks Josh is most likely to win, while he believes the second half of Gino’s "showmance," Jacey-Lynne, is least likely to make it to the end because she’s “alone in the game right now.”

From Gino’s perspective, he thinks Haleena is the least likely person in the house to make it to the end, while he believes if Josh makes it past the next week, he could win, but Gino's not ruling out Jacey-Lynne if she can win Head of Household next week.

For Summer, she’s still on board for Josh to be the next person evicted from the house, and she would like to see her girl Betty Yirsaw win it all.

New episodes of Big Brother Canada Season 10 air Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on Global, streaming online the next day.

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