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Big Brother Spoilers: Who Is Going Home During Cameron's Second HOH?

 Cameron in Big Brother
Cameron in Big Brother

Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds as of Tuesday, September 12th. Read at your own risk!

Big Brother Season 25 contestant Jared Fields prevented part of Cameron Hardin's master plan from coming to fruition thanks to a clutch veto win in Week 6. And as a result his mother, Cirie Fields, is now safe from eviction for another week. With the  Jared opting not to use the veto, the Houseguests will vote on whether to evict Felicia Johnson or Izzy Gleicher on Thursday amid Cameron Hardin's second Head of Household week. One will go home but, of the two, who's more likely to leave?

CinemaBlend has been watching Big Brother online with the use of a Paramount+ subscription as of late. With that, we now have an idea of why each nominee could leave and possess an educated guess as to who will end up being evicted. Here's what we're thinking and why this week may work out better for Cirie's core alliance than initially expected.

Felicia Johnson on Big Brother
Felicia Johnson on Big Brother

Why Felicia Johnson Would Leave

It didn't take long for Felicia to start throwing Izzy under the bus after Cameron nominated her, but that's not surprising. Felicia attempted to make moves to distance herself from Izzy and Cirie's alliance during Jared's HOH the prior week. But she's, unfortunately, unaware of Jared's connection to Cirie. This means her alliance knows she was already trying to jump ship, and they have the numbers to get her out regardless of Cameron's desire to see Izzy leave.


As it stands right now, Cirie and others think they have the votes to protect Izzy. In their minds, that means the following people would vote to evict Felicia:

  • Cirie Fields

  • Jared Fields

  • Cory Wurtenberger

  • America Lopez

  • Matt Klotz

  • Blue Kim

That's not to say those votes are locked in but, if they hold, Izzy will stay in Big Brother. Unfortunately, this would mean saying goodbye to "Mama Felicia," who has provided some of the best live-feed content I've seen in a few seasons.

Izzy Gleicher on Big Brother
Izzy Gleicher on Big Brother

Why Izzy Gleicher Would Leave

I think it's clear that Izzy is a stronger player compared to Felicia and, while that can often be a weakness in Big Brother when you're up for eviction, it's proven to be a strength this time. Izzy is currently aligned with enough people that she should be safe from eviction and have the votes to stay.

As always, there's a chance, however, that a few players agree with Cameron that it's time to remove a power player who's closely aligned with Cirie. That development could be set in motion if Cory and America decide to vote against her. And in the event that happens, the votes against Izzy would look like this:

  • Cory Wurtenberger

  • America Lopez

  • Jag Bains

  • Bowie Jane 

  • Mecole Hayes

That would be enough to get Izzy out, and Jared has already spoken to Cirie about voting Izzy out over Felicia. If he -- or even his showmance partner and secret keeper, Blue -- were to be added to the list of votes, that would tip the scales in the other direction. So the question is, will Jared break from his mom and make a big move against a former ally for a more decisive exit?

Felicia Johnson in the Big Brother house
Felicia Johnson in the Big Brother house

My Prediction: Felicia Is Getting Evicted

It's hard to imagine Cory and America flipping to Cameron. I also don't see Jared betraying his mom, and I think he'll ultimately realize Izzy is a bigger asset, even if her knowledge of their secret is a danger to Cirie's game. Felicia, someone I once considered Season 25's sneakiest power player, is most likely on her way out, and Izzy's chances of seeing the block next week rest solely on whoever becomes HOH after Cameron's reign is over.

Big Brother airs on CBS Wednesday, September 13th at 8:00 p.m. ET and at a different time on Thursday, September 14th at 9:00 p.m. ET as part of the 2023 TV schedule. Viewers can also continue to check in on the Houseguests if they have Paramount+ or Pluto TV.