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Big Brother Spoilers: Hisam Has Two Paths To Avoid Eviction, And Neither Are Easy

 Hisam Goueli in Big Brother Season 25
Hisam Goueli in Big Brother Season 25

Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother Season 25 live feeds as of Tuesday, August 22nd. Read at your own risk!

Hisam Goueli almost didn't need to save himself this week on Big Brother Season 25, thanks to some chaos orchestrated by Cirie Fields and Felicia Johnson following the Week 3 veto competition results. Unfortunately for Goueli, the alliance pulled together once again, and its original plan to make him the next person to be evicted is back on. Hisam was shocked to find himself in that position but, if he's willing to get it together and put a plan in motion, he could take one of two courses of action to keep himself in the game. Neither one of those will be easy, though.

Like so many others, CinemaBlend is streaming Big Brother online with a Paramount+ subscription. As for now, Hisam's situation seems hopeless, but I think there's still a chance he'll survive the eviction and Cameron Hardin will actually be sent home instead. Here are the two obvious paths I see for Hisam, if he wants to make it another week in Big Brother.

Cirie Fields In Big Brother Season 25
Cirie Fields In Big Brother Season 25

Hisam Needs To Convince Cirie That He's Worth Keeping

In case it isn't apparent, Cirie Fields controls this game. Her core group, consisting of Izzy Gleicher and her son, Jared Fields, and her alliance Bye Bye Bitches (Cirie, Izzy, Felicia, Bowie Jane, and Mecole Hayes) have given her significant power in the house. She was the one who set the Hisam blindside in motion while he was still Head of Household in Week 2. Cirie was also the one who almost spoiled Hisam's week by saving Reilly Smedley. If there's one person Goueli should sway in the game to ensure his survival, it's Cirie.


I don't believe Cirie's has completely made up her mind about evicting Hisam. If he offered her a killer deal that ensured complete loyalty and cooled down his authoritative tone (which impacted his chances of winning), she'd surely consider keeping him around. After all, Hisam is someone she was aligned with via The Professors and was also a strong competition winner she could rely on to pick off younger competitors.

It also helps that Cameron has zero allegiance to Cirie, which Hisam should play up. Sure, Hisam is the more dangerous player, but he's loyal. Nothing he's done thus far has disproven that, so I think if he can keep hammering that home and show he's sorry for his domineering approach to the game during HOH, Cirie will make the moves to try and save him and send Cameron packing. Of course, that's all easier said that done.

Jag Bains in Big Brother on CBS
Jag Bains in Big Brother on CBS

Hisam Needs To Form An Alliance With Those On The Outskirts Of Cirie's Influence

Cirie may be controlling Big Brother so far, but there are a good number of Houseguests Hisam can persuade to ally against her. He needs six votes this week to stay, and if he's looking to pull in people who feel like they're on the outside of a major alliance, he has three in his corner already -- Red Utley, Blue Kim, and Jag Bains.

If the goal is to work against Cirie, he cannot rely on the votes from Cirie, Izzy, or Jared. This leaves Bowie, Mecole, America Lopez, Cory Wurtenberger, and Matt Klotz as options this week. Bowie and Mecole are aligned with Cirie via the Bye Bye Bitches. America and Cory are in need of an alliance, but Hisam is on shaky terms with both of them, especially after this blindside. Matt hasn't been Hisam's biggest fan since he sent home Reilly, so it won't be easy to get three people from these options.

With that said, Hisam can put in work and pull Cory and America to his cause by promising they'll be a high priority in his alliance. Hisam could enlist Jag's help to sway Matt if that's all he needs, and I see Mecole also being a possible get as she seems aware of her standing in the house. Strangely enough, I see Bowie being the hardest vote for him to get, even though they may have the most neutral relationship of any in the Big Brother house. Ultimately, this alliance needs to be focused on taking out Cirie and, if he can pursue that as a worthy cause, Hisam might just save himself without her help.

Hisam after winning the veto competition
Hisam after winning the veto competition

Why Hisam Must Commit To One Plan Or The Other

Hisam has to quickly decide which plan he wants to commit to because bouncing between one or the other will hurt his case to stay. Those don't view Cirie favorably will want to see he's committed to working against her, and she'll certainly catch wind of him rallying votes without her support. I have no idea if Hisam will be successful no matter which path he chooses, but I am rooting for him to try.

Big Brother airs on CBS on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET and has its live eviction on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. Tune in to see if Hisam can save himself from leaving or if he'll fall flat and become the latest Houseguest to have to watch the remainder of the game from the outside.