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Billions’ Best Goodbye? Can Prison Break Reboot Improve on 24′s? Did Quantum Leap Romance Surprise? More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including Billions, Survivor, the new Prison Break and Quantum Leap!

1 | Isn’t Jonathan Bailey’s American accent on Fellow Travelers one of the best you’ve ever heard from a foreign actor?

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2 | Did you greatly enjoy Bosch: Legacy’s Mo his way through that “fire inspection?” And how hard are you rooting for him and Jessica Camacho’s podcaster? (Or do you worry she’s playing him? No Nov. 3 spoilers!!)


3 | In hindsight, should we have known that Christopher Walken would cameo on SNL, if only to properly pronounce Foo Fighters 20 years later? And has SNL finally solved its Biden problem, with Mikey Day’s impression?

4 | Did anyone see Yellowstone’s Jamie actually pay for his pour-over coffee in CBS’ airing of the Season 2 premiere? Or is on-the-house java another perk of being a Dutton?

5 | Which Billions finale goodbye moment (Wendy/Taylor, Wendy/Axe, Axe/Chuck, etc.) was the most touching? And, on a less heartwarming note, how did none of that shattered glass manage to hit Wendy?

6 | Was any Fear the Walking Dead fan surprised that the show managed to out-cruel Grace’s death by having Charlie beat radiation poisoning only to die by suicide?

DWTS Jason Mraz Halloween
DWTS Jason Mraz Halloween

7 | Dancing With the Stars fans, did you appreciate Niecy Nash-Betts’ surprisingly critical stint as a guest judge, or could she have afforded to be gentler? Also, did you catch Jason Mraz in the background of every single Skybox interview, completely committing to his mummy/zombie bit?

8 | On The Morning Show, did Bradley really think Alex — aka Paul Marks’ girlfriend — would respond less defensively when she confided in her about potentially shady business dealings at Hyperion? Should Cybil have maybe closed Cory’s office door before detailing Marks’ plan to sell off UBA for parts? Speaking of Cybil, did you have any inkling that she was behind that mystery LLC?

9 | Watching that Magnum P.I. foot chase, would the embryo thief really have leaped from precarious restaurant tabletop to precarious restaurant tabletop instead of simply running between them? And while we “get” Jin’s shtick, was he in fact plain annoying during the treasure hunt?

10 | Was anyone else thrown off by Quantum Leap’s sudden reveal that Magic and Beth Calavicci were together?

11 | Big Brother’s Matt had not one, but two chances to get rid of Jag. Does he deserve to lose at this point?

12 | Five seasons into Survivor’s “new era,” is the whole “earn the merge” fiasco becoming a little tired? And did you ever think in a million years that the Shot in the Dark would deliver that big of a payoff?

13 | Do we think anyone at CBS realizes that the newly retitled After Midnight (fka @Midnight) will air before midnight in the central time zone (12:37 am ET/11:37 pm CT)?

14 | That new Yellowstone spin-off, 2024, is gonna be awesome to Google, eh?

15 | Is a Hulu reboot of Prison Break minus original series stars Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell bound to suffer the same fate as Fox’s short-lived, Kiefer Sutherland-less 24: Legacy?

16 | Frasier wouldn’t have even checked the door when Alan told him they were locked in the basement…? Is Freddy really the kind of guy to spend his evenings at home alone sipping Champagne and reading Little Women? And are we kind of rooting for Freddy and Eve to get together at some point, or nah?

17 | How disappointing was it to see New York eliminated from House of Villains so early, and what was your reaction to her parting words for Omarosa?

18 | We know, we know — deus ex machina. But how did Loki know where and when to find all the “pens”? (Before you say “But O.B.’s makeshift TemPad,” that didn’t show up until after Mobius was located.) And when O.B. got spaghettified, did you half expect him to sadly say, “Mr. Loki, I don’t feel so good” before vanishing?

19 | Having seen all the announced and unannounced cameos on Gen V this season, which Boys character do you wish had appeared on the spinoff?

Hit the comments with your answers and any TV Qs of your own! 

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