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Biofidelity granted key patent in US for breakthrough cancer diagnostic technology

Biofidelity Limited
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Patent supports the unique potential of Biofidelity's technology to deliver ultra-sensitive detection of guideline-recommended tumor markers

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom, April 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Biofidelity Ltd, the cancer diagnostics company, today announced that it has been granted a key patent in the US protecting its underlying technology. The grant of US patent US20200354786 has confirmed the novelty and inventiveness of its technology, which is designed to break down barriers to better screening, monitoring and treatment of cancer through ultra-sensitive detection of the key tumor markers recommended in treatment guidelines.

It combines fast, easy-to-interpret results with affordability, enabling oncologists to make precise decisions earlier, monitor resistance and track disease recurrence. Biofidelity expects to launch its first product, Identi-Lung, for the detection of non-small cell lung cancer, later this year.

Dr. Barnaby Balmforth, Chief Executive Officer of Biofidelity, commented: "The grant of this key patent in the US is another important step forward in our goal of transforming diagnosis to make sure every cancer patient receives the right drug at the right time. We are working hard to build a comprehensive portfolio of IP protecting our technology, applications and products to enable any lab to offer high quality precision cancer diagnostics."

About Biofidelity
Biofidelity, a private company founded in 2019 in Cambridge, UK, is revolutionizing access to best-in-class cancer diagnostics, breaking down the barriers to better screening, monitoring and treatment for all cancer patients. Its disruptive diagnostic technology platform will provide oncologists with clinically actionable data based on ultra-sensitive detection of markers recommended in cancer treatment guidelines, enabling them to prescribe the right cancer drug at the right time. It is designed to combine fast and easy-to-interpret results with affordability and straightforward adoption on existing laboratory infrastructure, enabling many more laboratories to offer high quality cancer diagnostics. Biofidelity is initially focusing on diagnosis of non-small cell lung and colorectal cancer, with potential in a broad range of cancers and medium- to long-term applications in the detection of resistance to therapy and disease recurrence.

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