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Black Friday: Top 10 tips for bagging a bargain and saving money

·3-min read
(Justin Lim/Unsplash)
Black Friday sale is on 27 November. Photo: Justin Lim/Unsplash

Black Friday spending in the UK could be about £6bn ($7.8bn) this year, according to a study.

Data from Ocean Finance shows nearly two in three (39%) Brits intend to shop in the sales this year, with the average spend coming to £295.67.

With this in mind, the money experts shared 10 tips for bagging a bargain this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

1. Don't wait

Don't wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday, as sales often start up to a week before the big day, with some stores having a “Black Friday week” sale.

“You could even set up Google alerts to track the price drops of a particular item or shop,” Ocean Finance suggested.

2. Sign up for email alerts

Sign up to receive emails from your favourite shops so you won’t miss out on any on deals.

You may even receive exclusive offers this way, and most retailers give you a discount code when you sign up to their newsletter.

3. Shop at the right times

Last year, the quietest time to shop online was between 3am and 4am. “So, set your alarms to avoid crashing websites,” Ocean Finance said.

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4. Make a list

Avoid impulse purchasing by making a list of all the things you want to buy – with a budget in mind.

“If you have specific items in mind, make a note of their regular prices,” Ocean Finance said.

5. Do research

In the week before sales start, go in store and try to work out what is likely to be reduced.

Letters and numbers are often scribbled on tags of items that are intended to be put on sale – so hold off buying these items.

6. Use cashback sites

“Although you probably won’t get the money back right away, using cashback sites can benefit you in the future.”

For example, Top Cashback claims it can help you can save up to £300 a year, Ocean Finance pointed out.

7. Use coupons wisely

If you’ve got more than one coupon at your disposal, make sure you use them in the right order.

“For example, let’s say you have a £10 voucher and a 20% off coupon. Use the 20% off first to get the most money off the larger amount, then use the £10 voucher for extra savings.”

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8. Keep an eye on delivery charges

Watch out for additional delivery charges, as they could cut into your savings by quite a lot.

“If you can pick-up in store for free, it may be worth considering this option.

“Alternatively, if you’re buying big items, make sure you check delivery charges beforehand, as this can increase the total price significantly.”

9. Know your sizes

Make sure you know your clothing sizes in each store before shopping, the experts warned.

This will help you avoid purchasing items that don't fit, which you'll have to return at a later date and wait to be refunded for – if they even accept returns of sale items.

Most retailers will have a measurement guide on their website, as sizes can differ from store to store.

10. Stick to a budget

“Before you buy, think about how much you can afford to spend – and try not to get carried away,” said Ocean Finance.

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