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Blumhouse's Wolfman Reboot Was Just Delayed. Here's Why I Think That's Good News

 Lon Chaney Jr. as the Wolfman in the 1941 classic. .
Lon Chaney Jr. as the Wolfman in the 1941 classic. .

In recent years, Universal Studios has ambitiously aimed to launch a connected Monster Universe, a vision that faced a significant setback with the cancellation of the franchise called the Dark Universe – which still has some upset for not taking off – following the underwhelming performance of Tom Cruise's The Mummy. Yet, the tide began to turn with the unexpected success of Leigh Whannell's The Invisible Man, a collaboration between Blumhouse and Universal that breathed new life into their aspirations. This success led to the enthusiastic approval of a Wolfman reboot led by Ryan Gosling. However, it's encountered many challenges, including Gosling stepping back from the project and subsequent delays in production.

However, there's a silver lining. I'm here to share why this most recent delay might spell good news for the project.

The Film Has Been Delayed To 2025

The Hollywood Reporter has shed light on a significant update regarding Leigh Whannell's much-anticipated adaptation of the classic werewolf story. Initially set to join a packed Halloween on the 2024 movie schedule, the project's release has now been rescheduled to January 17, 2025. This development follows the recent announcement that filming had begun, marking a significant milestone for the project.


The film, featuring Christopher Abbott from Poor Things in the leading role initially intended for Ryan Gosling and co-starring Julia Garner, might typically raise concerns with its delay. However, there's more to this postponement than meets the eye. Let's explore why this shift in timing could represent a win for both fans of horror movies and the flick's overall success.

Why The Move To January Is a Good Thing

Initially scheduled for release on October 25, 2024, Wolfman was poised to thrill audiences during the height of the spooky season. However, the October movie lineup is exceptionally crowded, featuring eagerly awaited horror and dark hits like Joker: Folie à Deux, Terrifier 3, and Smile 2. This competitive atmosphere and the need for intricate post-production work on a film that demands high-quality visuals likely prompted a careful reconsideration of the release date.

While the production team may not have explicitly required more time, the opportunity to refine visual effects, particularly for the crucial werewolf transformation scenes that fans have come to anticipate regarding the typical subgenre, is a welcomed advantage.

January traditionally sees fewer major film releases, especially in the horror genre, offering Wolfman an excellent chance to capture the box office spotlight without facing off against other blockbusters. This move to a quieter release period has previously benefited scary flicks like Blumhouse’s past surprise hit M3gan, allowing them more space to connect with audiences and achieve broader success. Hopefully, this adjustment in the release schedule will afford Blumhouse's reboot a similar opportunity for a standout theatrical performance.

Given the film's production pedigree, expectations are high for Wolfman. The additional time afforded by the delay ensures that the team will have a better chance at fully realizing its vision without compromise, particularly in the realms of visual effects and narrative depth. This ability to focus on quality over meeting a specific release date should excite horror movie fans.

Whannell's successful history with Blumhouse, marked by hits such as The Invisible Man and Upgrade, underlines his capability. After some recent setbacks with Universal Monsters' projects like Renfield and the poorly received The Last Voyage of the Demeter, placing the Saw franchise veteran at the helm of this project signals a strong vote of confidence. The movie can potentially revive the Universal Monsters brand, aiming to build on the momentum from The Invisible Man.

Though Blumhouse's Wolfman reboot delay might have initially caused some dismay among fans, the possible strategic considerations behind this move could hint at a bright future for the film's release. With less competition, Wolfman is set up for success when it arrives in theaters in January 2025.

We will inform our readers if there are any further updates regarding the Wolfman reboot. Until then, be sure to check out our schedule of upcoming horror movies to see what is coming to a theater near you.