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BMO Commercial Property Trust Ltd - Dividend Declaration

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FROM: BMO Commercial Property Trust Limited

L.E.I.: 213800A2B1H4ULF3K397

DATE: 06 October 2020

Dividend Declaration

(Classified Regulated Information, under DTR 6 Annex 1 section 2.3)

BMO Commercial Property Trust Limited today announces a monthly property income distribution payment in respect of the financial year ended 31 December 2020, of 0.25 pence per share as detailed in the schedule below:

Ex-Dividend Date

Record Date

Pay Date

15 October 2020

16 October 2020

30 October 2020

All enquiries:

The Company Secretary
Northern Trust International Fund Administration Services (Guernsey) Limited
Trafalgar Court
Les Banques
St Peter Port

Tel: 01481 745001
Fax: 01481 745051