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This real Boeing 747 jumbo jet is for sale on eBay

If you’re feeling impulsive but aren’t baller enough to bid $3.46 million for a meal with Warren Buffett, you can still find plenty of affordable deals on eBay (EBAY). One of those includes an online auction for a Boeing 747 airframe that ends this Friday at 6 p.m.

The retired Boeing (BA) 747-400 is listed for $900,000 with bids starting at $299,000. There are currently no bids, so you have zero competition! It is garnering tons of eyeballs, though, with over 200 people viewing the listing per hour.

The Boeing 747, often called “the queen of the skies,” costs $250 million when brand-new, according to the seller — theconcordalliance. But this model is over 20 years old, and airlines are beginning to replace the 747s with more fuel-efficient aircraft.

Boeing 747-400 via theconcordalliance

It has a wingspan of 211.5 feet and an overall length of 232 feet. The distance from the ground to the top of the tail is 64 feet and the fuselage is 21 feet wide.

If you’re worried this might be a scam, it’s highly unlikely — theconcordalliance has 100% positive feedback on eBay. It also has six other current listings of retired Boeing parts that can be additional accessories to deck out your frame.

But keep in mind that the aircraft is now retired, which means it’s not certified to re-enter the sky.

So what can you use it for? You can convert it into a restaurant, hotel, or a series of apartments to live in. You could even rent it out to tourists on Airbnb.

Boeing 747-400 via theconcordalliance

You could also enjoy the clout that comes with owning a Boeing 747. Now, it’s easy to buy a Gulfstream jet or pay the paltry sum to create a NetJets or WheelsUp membership. But having a Boeing 747 in your portfolio would nestle you in the company of royalty — literally. Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal has a decked out Boeing 747 all for himself.

Of course, you’ll have to pick up the plane from Orlando, Florida, and there are absolutely no refunds. Once you place a bid, you’ll get more information on how to fetch your plane.

Boeing 747-400 via theconcordalliance

By the way, if you’re not over the PokemonGo phenomenon yet, theconcordalliance is also selling a Pokemon engine cowling cover for $6,000. You could pick it up when you get your Boeing.

So what are you waiting for? Why not host 600 of your closest friends on this vintage gem?

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