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Boston Dynamics' robot dog that opens doors is freaking out the internet

Robert Ferris

Robotics firm Boston Dynamics has released another video on the internet that is prompting talk of a robot apocalypse and comparisons to dystopian science fiction.

The Softbank -owned company debuted the video on its popular YouTube channel on Monday, and as of Tuesday afternoon it is the number one trending video on YouTube, with more than 2,448,955 views. This is the first time the company has publicly demonstrated its SpotMini robot opening a door.

Many reactions on both social media and among media outlets combine awe with dark humor characterized by discomfort or anxiety. More than a few are alluding to science fiction stories, particularly the "Metalhead" episode of the BBC show Black Mirror, a show comprised of vignettes that depict haunting worlds shaped by familiar technologies.

Boston Dynamics was not available for comment.

The robot is just over 2½ feet tall and weighs about 66 pounds. It comes with an onboard 3-D vision system that helps it "see" and it has 17 joints, according to the Boston Dynamics website.

"SpotMini is a small four-legged robot that comfortably fits in an office or home," the site says.

It can operate for 90 minutes on a single charge and is the quietest robot the company has built.

And it walks like a four-legged animal. And it opens doors.