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Boston Identity Security Expert Comments on Celtics Coach Steven’s Identity Theft

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The following commentary may be attributed to Sontiq, Inc., President & CEO Brian Longe. His remarks are in response to Boston Celtics Coach Brad Stevens’ sharing of his identity theft issues in an interview with local sports station 98.5 FM Thursday, Feb. 25, 2021.

I applaud Celtics Coach Stevens for talking about his identity theft experience. Identity theft doesn’t discriminate. It's not a cost of being a celebrity; it's a cost of living in today’s digital world.

Sadly for Coach Stevens and for millions of others who have been victimized in this way, identity attacks often keep coming. Once you're a victim, the chances of being targeted again are as high as 80 percent above the normal rates. Hackers use your info to apply for new credit accounts, or even more common right now, file for unemployment benefits with your identity. You take all the risk; they take all the reward.

We join Boston, Celtics fans and the larger identity security community in wishing Coach Stevens well as he battles formidable Dark Web opponents.

Longe is President and CEO of Boston-based intelligent identity security firm Sontiq, Inc., parent company of Boston-born and No. 1-ranked identity theft protection solution IdentityForce.

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