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Are Branch Curtain Rods The Next Big Thing?

Photo credit: Nichol Naranjo  - Instagram
Photo credit: Nichol Naranjo - Instagram

From House Beautiful

It's not every day that you find a really cool curtain rod idea. I mean, when was the last time you saw someone using anything other than a plain metal rod to hang their drapes? That's why when I saw these branch curtain rods on Instagram, I stopped in my tracks and immediately wanted to know more. And good news: They're a seriously easy DIY that you can recreate in your own home. Want even more good news? It won't set you back too much.

Nichol Naranjo, the blogger behind this ingenious idea, says she loves bringing nature into her home whenever she can. She's always pulling her car over on the side of the road to pick up fallen branches she thinks might work for upcoming projects. For this particular DIY, Nichol found branches in her mother's yard, which is full of cottonwood and Chinese elm trees. So the first step is free. Don't you love that?

Next, she washed the branches with a garden hose and sprayed them with an organic pesticide. They were left outside to dry for a few days before they were ready to hang. Then she found the perfect curtains—a pair of thin, white sheers for $15 on Amazon. Nichol's sheers are currently sold out, but you can find similar ones here. Finally, she went in search of the right hardware to hold her branches up. Going for a rustic look, she chose these $13 black curtain holdbacks.

Photo credit: Nichol Naranjo
Photo credit: Nichol Naranjo

Because the tree limbs were too big to slip into the curtain's rod pocket, the last step for Nichol was stapling the curtains to the back of the branches. She made sure to fold the curtains here and there to create a pleated look. Keep in mind, this window treatment is more about looking amazing and less about being functional. But if you're into it, you can definitely pull this project off.

What you'll need:

  • branches

  • curtains

  • curtain holdbacks

  • stapler

  • measuring tape

  • drill

For the full, step-by-step directions, check out Nichol's blog post.

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