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Brand Building Gets Personal

There is a lot of buzz in the market at the moment about a trend that Mintel refers to as "Make it Mine", but here at Yahoo we prefer to call it 'Personalisation'. As we continue to move towards a multi-platform world, users are coming to expect personalised experiences from brands that engage them and provide a value exchange.

This presents a huge opportunity for FMCG advertisers to allow consumers to get closer to the brands and start to build up a more personal relationship with them. According to a recent study by Hanley-Wood Business Media, 78% of consumers feel that brands that create unique and personalised content are more interested in building a relationship with them.

Brands such as Heinz and Coca Cola have recently leveraged this trend to help them achieve certain marketing objectives and as far as brand engagement goes, the 'Build a Beanie' and 'Share a Coke' campaigns have been met with a huge amount of buzz by consumers both in the UK and other global markets. Coke increased its online buzz by an impressive 6.8%!