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HS2 track plans: Brand-new homes to be bulldozed as final plans are revealed

Laura Hughes
London to Birmingam HS2 Mercury Luxury Train

Sixteen new homes in South Yorkshire will be demolished to make way for the final HS2 route, the Government have announced. 

Properties on the Shimmer housing estate in Mexborough will be bulldozed to make way for the high-speed railway, the Department for Transport said.

Ministers have officially confirmed the line will go through South Yorkshire, after scrapping a proposed station in Meadowhall in favour of a stop in Sheffield city centre.


Homes on the Shimmer estate, which was first established in 2012, are worth between £99,995 and £190,000. 

HS2 claims the new route will affect fewer homes overall, save more than £1bn, and enable people to travel to London from Sheffield in 79 minutes instead of 120 minutes as under previous plans. 

Sarah Champion, Labour's Rotherham MP,  said she was "furious" because South Yorkshire "won't get a proper stop".

HS2 protest in London Credit: EPA/ANDY RAIN

The DfT confirmed 16 properties would be demolished on the new housing estate. Some respondents to a Government consultation had argued that the plans should take into account all 216 homes originally planned at the site.

Building will start in the mid-2020s and the railway is scheduled to be in operation by 2033.

Chris Grayling, the Transport Secretary, decision on the route from Crewe to Manchester and Birmingham to the East Midlands and Leeds confirms six of the seven changes included in the November consultation.

Chris Grayling Credit: REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth

Mr Grayling decided not to proceed with a proposal to move the line to the east of Measham, Leicestershire.

The railway will run to the west of the village with a viaduct extended to mitigate the impact on commercial properties.

Ed Miliband, the former Labour leader,  accused Mr Grayling of a "gross discourtesy" after it emerged the announcement on the final route for HS2 was likely to be "sneaked out" in a written statement.

He was joined by Conservative and Labour MPs in raising points of order in the Commons to voice their displeasure with Mr Grayling.

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