Living in Britain’s sunniest cities can save you £206 a year

Sunshine doesn’t just make you feel happier, it can also save you cold hard cash - so we’ve taken a look Britain’s sunniest cites.

There are a series of small ways good weather can save you money, but there’s also a big way you can use the sun to save money year after year – even when it’s cold. Solar panels.

However, it’s not cheap and some will save a lot more than others – so to work out where the sun shines most and the energy savings are greatest, Yahoo! Finance asked EvoEnergy to calculate Britain’s sunniest cities, how much you could save and how long it would take to pay for the installation*.

This is what they found:

The sunniest cities in Britain

*How the figures were calculated
EvoEnergy calculations based on a 2.88 kWp solar panels system, costing £6,142, that’s facing south and at an elevation of 35 degrees.
The average household was assumed to use 3300 kWh a year, and to use half the energy generated, exporting the other half back to the grid.
Energy Saving Trust figures were used for price per kWh, while export tariff rates and generation tariff rates came from the Department of Energy and Climate Change.