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British workers endure 9,776 meetings over course of their careers - and half of them are pointless

The average worker will attend almost 10,000 meetings over the course of a career (Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA)

British employees endure almost 10,000 business meeting during their working lives.

And more than half of them are a complete waste of time, they believe.

Some are so dull and the speakers or subject matter so uninspiring that one in ten workers admits to have fallen asleep during one at least once.

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Research also shows how some people manage to stay awake during the 9,776 meetings workers will attend:

  • munch through 10,753 sandwiches
  • scoff 19,552 chocolate biscuits
  • down 15,642 cups of tea
  • 85% say they are more likely to be enthusiastic about a meeting if food and drink is laid on

A poll of 2,000 full time employees for Deliveroo for Business showed a quarter of workers dread one-to-one sessions with their boss about their progress, while one in four also hate catch-up lunches with clients.

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Many workers are embarrassed by just how little their firms can provide for guests at meetings (DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images)

However, two out of five workers admitted they liked to fill up their diary with meetings as it got them out of doing “proper” work.

Juan Diego Farah, global head of Deliveroo for Business said: “Meetings can be dull and traditionally the food and drink offered in them is pretty lacklustre, consisting of dreary biscuits thrown on a plate and lukewarm tea from an old office urn.

“Some meetings do drag on and breaking up proceedings with breaks for high quality food and drink can really boost people’s energy levels and their enthusiasm.”

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Other findings from the survey include:

  • 17% claimed to have clammed-up, unable to think or talk straight, in a meeting
  • 26% said they have not listened to one word that was said
  • 27% said they spent the duration of the meeting thinking about what they were going to have for dinner
  • 8% passed the time by flirting with colleagues over the meeting table
  • 20% admitted texting their other half to get through the boredom

More than a quarter of workers are embarrassed when visitors come to the office for meetings as the hospitality is so poor they can barely scrape together tea and biscuits.