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Brits missing out on £3,437 savings on kitchen installations

Abigail Fenton
·2-min read
Brits could make almost £3,500 from selling their old kitchen during remodelling. (Christian Mackie/Unsplash)
Brits could make almost £3,500 from selling their old kitchen during remodelling. Photo: Christian Mackie/Unsplash

Brits could be throwing away thousands of pounds by not selling their old kitchen after refurbishing, research shows.

The average “outgoing” kitchen is sold for £3,437, according to data from Used Kitchen Exchange.

However, in a survey of 2,000 UK homeowners, two in five (44%) said they were not aware this was even an option, while a further third (32%) had no idea just how much money they could make from doing so.

Two in three said they would use a service that dismantles, removes and sells their old kitchen if they were aware of one — meaning they could have been missing out on thousands of pounds.

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With budgets a crucial factor in home renovations, this money is essentially “cash credit” towards a new kitchen, Used Kitchen Exchange said.

Brits who don’t want to go through a kitchen resale company can always sell their old kitchens themselves on websites like eBay.

What’s more, it delivers environmental as well as financial savings, with every re-used kitchen saving up to six tons of carbon waste — effectively making a family of four carbon-neutral for a year, according to Used Kitchen Exchange.

The company claims to have sold 2,500 pre-owned and ex-display kitchens so far, saving 13,200 tons of carbon and 2,640 tons of waste from going to landfill.

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"Sometimes an outgoing kitchen is just too good to throw away. And because people hate waste, ‘feel good kitchen buying’ not only earns you cash towards your new one, it also extends the kitchen’s life in a new home,” said Helen Lord, founder of Used Kitchen Exchange.

"By extending the life of the kitchen by reusing, it contributes towards making the new kitchen purchased carbon neutral — with up to six tons of carbon waste saved with every kitchen reused.”