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Brits reveal what would most make them happier at work

Brits would be happier with more plants in the office, according to survey results. Photo: Xtra, Inc/Unsplash

Healthy snacks, naps and the “perfect office climate” are some of the things most likely to make Brits happier at work, according to a survey released on Tuesday.

A survey of over 1,000 office workers across the UK by retailer Liberty Games has revealed the most-desired changes and amenities in the office. Somewhat surprisingly, healthy snacks and drinks are the nation’s overall top choice, with a third of employees saying they would be much happier if they had something nutritious to snack on.

However, the results did vary between sexes. While healthy snacks was the most popular answer among women (37%), men said they would much prefer to be able to play video games in the office (30%).

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Having the “perfect office climate” was the second overall top choice, with 30% of respondents saying they would be happier in a warmer or cooler office environment.

According to Liberty Games, this reflects recent debates and reporting of office temperatures being “sexist”, with colder temperatures apparently favoured by men being used in many workplaces, over warmer temperatures said to be favoured by women.

Workplace cleanliness was the third most popular response, overall, with over over a quarter (26%) of British office employees saying they’d be much happier and less stressed if their office were less dirty.

Relaxation or sleep zones (21%), subsidised food (21%), an office dog (20%), and office games (19%) are desired among roughly one on five office workers, according to the survey. More plants (17%), parking (17%) and an office gym (15%) were also common answers.

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Stuart Kerr, technical director at Liberty Games, said: “It’s interesting to see healthy snacks and drinks are the most popular factor overall for increasing happiness at work.

“We’re in an era where competition for millennial top talent is more fierce than ever, so companies need to be thinking about how they can retain this talent and keep their employees happy and productive.”