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Brits waste '£100m on unused apps' every month

Abigail Fenton
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The average person has 40 app on their phone. (Rami Al-zayat/Unsplash)
The average person has 40 app on their phone. Photo: Rami Al-zayat/Unsplash

As a nation, Brits waste over £100m ($132m) on unused apps every single month, research suggests.

Three in 10 Brits waste an average of £2 each on mobile apps or subscriptions they don’t use every month – more than £100m collectively, according to research by Weight Watchers.

Over half (51%) of under-44s in particular admitted to losing money this way.

The average Brit now has over 40 apps on their phone – but 85% go unused. Meanwhile, one in 10 have more than 80 apps, the research found.

As a result, 34% of people feel stressed about their mobile phone being messy from too many apps, rising to 51% of those under 44.

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And a third (32%) of people are frustrated by phone admin, with a similar number (36%) having to delete apps because their device is full.

What's more, a third (34%) of Brits believe they have “too many apps” on their phones, with three in 10 (31%) admitting they have multiple apps that “do the same thing”.

The research also found the rise in health and wellness app uptake has accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Three in 10 people (29%) more people have now downloaded a wellness app than this time last year, driven by national and regional lockdown measures.

Overall, nearly three in five (56%) Brits have a health and wellness app on their phone, with three quarters saying they use it daily.

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Three in 10 people said they want to be “a healthier person” after the pandemic and that they have turned to tech to help them achieve this goal.

Ortis Deley, presenter of Channel 5’s The Gadget Show said: “This research shows just how important our phones and our apps are to us.

“But app usage should be about quality over quantity, ensuring you’re getting value from the space they take up on your device and that they’re right for you and what you want to get out of life.”

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