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Brush Pigs In A Blanket With Garlic Butter For A More Savory Profile

Herby pigs in a blanket
Herby pigs in a blanket - Michelle McGlinn/Tasting Table

Pigs in a blanket is a classic, and it's easy to understand why. Along with recalling childhood nostalgia, these adorably named snacks are easy to make and require just a handful of ingredients. Of course, it also helps that they're undeniably delicious. Yet while you may have thought that pigs in a blanket couldn't get any more perfect, with the addition of one drool-worthy ingredient, these bite-sized snacks can actually improve drastically. All it takes to knock these piggies out of the park is a swipe of garlic butter.

At its most basic, the recipe can be a two-ingredient wonder — wrap a sausage (the pig) in some dough (the blanket) and bake. Given the simplicity of the recipe, there are ample ways to customize pigs in a blanket to your liking; you could easily envelope other ingredients alongside the cocktail wiener or even experiment with different dough varieties. But for a more effortless way to heighten flavor, look no further than garlic butter.

Garlic butter makes everything from bread to noodles taste better, so why not slather some onto pigs in a blanket, too? Butter can make for a more golden and flaky result, and it can amplify richness by playing off of the pastry covering's decadent qualities. Adding garlic to the butter further intensifies the savory aromas, and more importantly, it can emphasize the umami quality of the sausage.


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Crafting A Good Garlic Butter Doesn't Need To Be Complicated

Uncooked herby pigs in a blanket on a baking sheet
Uncooked herby pigs in a blanket on a baking sheet - Michelle McGlinn/Tasting Table

There are several ways to go about making garlic butter. Some stand by using fresh minced garlic; others suggest using roasted garlic; powdered garlic can be effective as well. The only thing to remember is that the more garlic you use, the more pungent and punchy the butter's flavors will be. For this reason, we suggest starting with a clove or two of garlic (or a teaspoon for powdered options), and then you can adjust to your liking.

And though garlic butter alone will produce a tasty result, you can also further amp up the flavor by adding in other seasonings. Spices like smoked paprika or onion powder can elevate savoriness, whereas a sprinkle of cayenne can dial up the heat. Blends like everything seasoning or curry powder can also make for a more complex butter. Otherwise, mix in a medley of chopped herbs to impart some freshness — you could even infuse your butter with more delicate herbs such as parsley or citrus zest before brushing over the pastry dough.

Last but not least, a suitable dipping sauce can give pigs in a blanket even more depth. Offset savoriness with sweet honey mustard, zesty lemon aioli, or an herby ranch. Alternatively, you could play into their decadence and serve pigs in a blanket with a fiery cheese sauce. But we wouldn't fault you for dunking the bite-sized treats into even more garlic butter, either!

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