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Can the Burberry share price outperform (LON:BRBY)?

Jack Brumby

Stockopedia’s ‘High Flyers’ are the stock market superstars. These companies tend to be the ones that fund managers jostle and barter over. They are high quality, growing stocks with a history of beating estimates - and Burberry (LON:BRBY)is one of them.

Burberry is a large cap stock in the Apparel & Accessories Retailers industry. When we analyse Burberry from a factor perspective, we find that it has a Quality Rank of 85, a Momentum Rank of 71, but a Value Rank of only 24. This is the classic factor profile of a High Flyer.


A combination of high quality, high momentum and low value is great when earnings go up but a bad place to be when things go wrong. Momentum works both ways, so caution is required when dealing with High Flyers.


What kind of High Flying stock is Burberry?

So, High Flyers tend to be riskier and more volatile than the market average. But is this true of Burberry?

We can find out quickly by applying Stockopedia’s RiskRatings system, which splits the stock market into five buckets according to stock price volatility. The five classifications (from least to most volatile) are:

  • Conservative (10% of the market)
  • Balanced (15% of the market)
  • Adventurous (20% of the market)
  • Speculative (25% of the market)
  • Highly Speculative (30% of the market)

Burberry is a adventurous stock. This means that the group is in the more volatile half of the market in terms of stock price volatility, as might be expected of a High Flyer. Those looking to invest here should prepare themselves for a potentially bumpy ride. The downside of above-average volatility can be seen in Burberry negative one-year relative strength of 2.85%.

On the other hand, we can see from Burberry’s above average five-year return on capital employed figure of 24.4% that the group has been highly profitable over multiple years. This suggests that Burberry can back up its favourable factor exposures and volatility characteristics with some kind of economic moat.

Find the rockstars of the stock market

High Flyers are great stocks to have in your portfolio if you think you need more momentum or quality - just look out for signs that momentum might be changing. If you want to see which other stocks qualify as High Flyers, you can find a comprehensive list on Stockopedia's StockRanks page.

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