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Should you buy… the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute?

·4-min read

Dyson has long been known for leading the way in premium vacuum technology but the British firm has gone a step further with its latest model by turning to lasers.

The new Dyson V15 Detect Absolute also steps up the tech with a LCD display that gives you an idea of the dirt you are sucking up.

But with a £599 price tag, are all these added benefits really worth it?

– Design

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute
(Jamie Harris/PA)

In the box you will find the main machine, as well as an assortment of heads and a charger.

This includes the main Torque Drive Cleanerhead, the Laser Slim Fluffy cleaner head, the hair screw tool and a couple of smaller attachments.

The V15 Detect Absolute follows the slick Dyson cordless designs we have come to expect, with the usual grey, purple and golden colour scheme.

It also remains compact, with a maximum height of 126.4cm and weighing just over 3kg, making it easy to manoeuvre with one hand.

Once unpacked from the box, all the pieces click together with such ease you do not really need a guide to tell you how – though there is one should you need help.

All that is required is a full charge of the battery before your first use, then it is ready to go.

– Laser

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute
(Jamie Harris/PA)

The laser is certainly a quirk for the vacuuming experience, offering cleaning obsessives extra reassurance that invisible dust is being scooped up.

It beams an eye-safe green light from the Laser Slim Fluffy cleaner head, revealing particles you would not otherwise see.

Sure enough, the head shows bits that were difficult to make out with the naked eye, making it quite satisfying and almost fun to catch these hidden pests.

It is only suited to a hard surface instead of carpet.

The laser can be switched off by flicking a switch on the head.

– LCD display

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute
(Jamie Harris/PA)

For those who want to know how clean their home is, the LCD display offers some interesting insights into the dirt being caught by the V15 Detect Absolute.

The round panel shows colourful charts detailing the particles by size.

This is made possible with a so-called acoustic piezo sensor, which listens to the vibrations as debris is sucked up.

For the majority this might be information overload but for those who want a greater idea of their progress it certainly draws the attention.

The most useful bit on the display is probably the remaining runtime of the battery.

– Battery

There are three power modes on the V15 Detect Absolute – Eco, Med and Boost.

Dyson claims the V15 Detect Absolute can achieve up to an hour of use on Eco.

When using the Torque Drive Cleanerhead it can also automatically adjust the suction strength, ramping up the speed if more is needed, thanks to the acoustic piezo sensor.

During testing, there was enough power to get through an entire three-bedroom house on auto without having to do a quick rush at the end.

The battery is swappable, so bigger homes may consider investing in a second for safe measure.

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– Performance

Suction is very strong, making it effortless to pick up just about anything that stands in the machine’s way.

When vacuuming without the long stick for close-up tasks the power of the motor is almost too strong, as the air that is blasted out from the side sometimes blows dust away, turning it into a mini race to catch bits before they dash off.

The main Torque Drive Cleanerhead worked smoothly on carpets, snatching clumps with ease.

With a 0.76-litre bin, it became pretty full on a three-bedroom house, but emptying is easy enough – just click it off and away you go, no bags, no mess.

– Verdict

With the extra gadgetry, namely the laser and the display of dust particles, the V15 Detect Absolute adds a wow factor to vacuuming that almost makes cleaning fun.

But the truth is, no one wants to vacuum and wants the task over and done with as soon as possible, and as easy as possible. The V15 Detect Absolute makes this a reality with its great portability, slender ergonomic design, automatic suction strength and powerful, long-lasting motor.

At £599, this purchase might be difficult for some to justify but for serious cleaners it is the undeniable high scorer of the class that will get the job done without failure.