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Cardi B posts cry for help on Twitter amid painful adult acne battle

Kate Pasola
·2-min read
Photo credit: Stephane Cardinale - Corbis - Getty Images
Photo credit: Stephane Cardinale - Corbis - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

If there's one thing that springs to mind when it comes to Cardi B, it's certainly not adult acne.

That's because firstly, what's more likely to spring to mind are the lyrics to her entire discography / that time she matched her hair to her handbag.

Also, she's been super open about her skin in the past - posting all kinds of zero makeup shots which show her face looking glowy as heck.

So when she took to Twitter yesterday, sharing a vulnerable thread about her struggles with adult acne, breakouts and pore related issues, it's fair to say we were not expecting it. But adult acne can be a cruel beast, often cropping up without warning, even if you've never previously experienced breakouts.

Cardi kicked off the discussion with shared was the following tweet:

"I been breaking out lately and my face is extremely dry. I don’t think these products are working.I think it’s the water out here .....What are some good products for little black heads break outs and dry skin on your face ?"

When a follower suggested retinol, she replied:

"I went to a dermatologist like 2 weeks ago and he gave me that and my face was so dry and it burn."

Though fans suggested that there is often a 3+ week tolerance-building period with retinol products, Cardi said: "Yea the doctor told me that ...I don’t got time for my face to do that".

She stated that rather than trying new products, she wanted to opt for blood tests: "I want to go to a good dermatologist that do blood testing and everything. Get to the root of the problem but I don’t know any."

After an aesthetician suggested Cardi's skin barrier might have been compromised, fans also went about suggesting the likes of Clinique, Cetaphil and CeraVe to solve the problem. But Cardi reiterated that she felt she needed stronger interventions, and took suggestions of aestheticians who could give her personalised, custom dermatological care.

Kehlani came through with a recommendation of an aesthetician based in LA named Sean Garette, leaving Cardi to confirm with fans "Ok @Kehlani recommended me somebody for my face ...Imma give ya a update in 2 weeks .....I'm off this for a while ...LOVE YA."

This morning she posted further updates regarding a facial she'd booked and a home made mask recommended by her mum.

We're glad Cardi felt she got the advice she needed, and are thinking of her and anyone else struggling with skin problems at this time.

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