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How to take care of your engagement ring, according to an expert

There's no denying that engagement rings, wedding bands and just rings in general take a beating and are subject to wear and tear from your everyday routine.

But considering how much of an investment your jewelry is, especially diamonds, we caught up with Jeff Brenner, the co-founder of Couple, a jewelry company that specializes in creating lab-grown diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, to get the inside scoop on taking care of our engagement rings.

Keep reading for all of Jeff's tips on keeping your engagement ring as beautiful as the day you received it.

When should I take my engagement ring off?

It’s important to remember that a diamond engagement ring is fine jewelry, and precious metals like 18K gold and platinum are far from being indestructible. With the current trend towards thin, delicate settings, it becomes even more important to remove your ring for certain activities.

We use the triple ’S’ motto at Couple. Squeeze: If you are going to be lifting weights, using sports equipment (tennis racquet, golf club etc) or any other activity where you will be gripping a hard surface -- even prolonged driving -- take off your ring. Smash: Any activity where you think your hands or ring will be subject to an impact, like unpacking a box, or putting together furniture. Splash: We recommended taking your ring off while swimming, washing dishes or using any type of cleaning chemical. Finally, we also recommend you remove your ring while applying lotions, hair products, or when cooking. While your ring likely won't be damaged, it can get lots of gunk in the prongs and setting that will be difficult to clean.

How should I clean my ring?

We like using a gem cleaning pen on a weekly basis to keep your diamond and ring clean. Monthly, it’s a good idea to go for a deeper cleaning routine. A very simple and effective method is to put your ring in a bowl of warm water and a drop off mild dish detergent for about 10 minutes. After your ring is done soaking, you can gently scrub it with a soft-bristled toothbrush and pat it dry with a lint-free cloth. 

What are the most common ways people damage or lose their ring?

One of the most common damages to rings is slight warping of the band. Having a ring that is slightly too big increases this risk. Most often, this is caused by wearing your ring at the gym.

Can I damage my diamond?

Diamonds are extremely hard, meaning they are very resistant to scratching or abrasion. However, there is a possibility of a diamond chipping if it is subjected to an intense impact by another very hard material. That is why it’s important to remove your jewelry during most physical activities when you're using your hands a lot.

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