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Carlsberg enters men's grooming products market

Charles Shaw

Carlsberg has entered the grooming products market with a new line of men's toiletries that includes shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion all made from - you guessed it - beer.

The new range, which the Danish brewer describes as "probably the best men's grooming in the world", purportedly contains 0.5L of Carlsberg lager per each item.

According to Carlsberg, the barley, hops and yeast found in beer offer beneficial effects by virtue of being rich in vitamins and nutrients, such as Vitamin B, Riboflavin and Silicium.

The marketing department of the world's fourth-largest brewer by sales, said that its research had identified a gap in the men's beauty market. Carlsberg's intrepid marketeers claim that two thirds of Carlsberg drinkers in the UK said they were prepared to buy grooming products containing beer. In addition, their research claims that a large share of men use their girlfriend's or wife's products, such as lotion.

Branding consultant Dean Crutchfield of DCA Growth Advisors said that the launch of Carlsberg Beer Beauty represents good marketing. "This launch is certainly provocative, and provocation is good for brand building," he said.

"Women typically buy for men, so this makes for a great, fun gift. It will certainly catapult the brand across social media. But as to whether it boosts the brand franchise of Carlsberg is an entirely different beer."

The range will be available in Carlsberg's Copenhagen store and online. At €63.84 for the set of three 250ml bottles, the grooming products are considerably dearer than using beer from a can of Carlsberg in the shower.

Global Men's Grooming Products Market

Carlsberg's director of research strategy, Zoran Gojkovic, said that a lot of the compounds in beer are good for skin and hair.

"You have proteins, you have fibres, you have vitamins. Yeast, for example, it's a big source of vitamin B.

"When you put that in the shampoo or whatever beauty series, it's actually very good compounds for your skin," said Gojkovic.

Will it it find appeal outside of Europe? According to a recent survey quoted in Adweek, 54 percent of American men use no personal grooming products at all.

One thing is for certain. Given that Carlsberg has increased its UK marketing budget by 500% to £12 million in a drive to win over new drinkers, the Danish brewer probably has the best marketing budget in the world.

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