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Celebrity diet hacks: The secret to Alia Bhatt's fitness

·3-min read
Celebrity diet hacks: The secret to Alia Bhatt's fitness
Celebrity diet hacks: The secret to Alia Bhatt's fitness

Among the celebrities that may spring to mind when asked, "How to acquire a healthy body like Bollywood celebs?" - Alia Bhatt's name appears among the first few! This Udta Punjab child is well-known for her exercise regimen, as evidenced by her stunning and toned body. This gorgeous girl has been a role model for people going through transitions from the beginning of her acting career.

Check out the fastest and easiest diet recommendations Alia Bhatt takes to stay healthy.

Alia's revolutionary secrets

Believe it or not, this 26-year-old stunning Bhatt girl wasn't always this gorgeous! Alia has grown a lot since her first appearance in Student of the Year, and she is becoming brighter, healthier, and happier by the day! Her confidante, filmmaker Karan Johar, encouraged her to lose a lot of weight for the better. For her first job, she worked hard for six months to look 'fresh, hot, slim, and gorgeous.' And her work ethic is unrivalled.

Let us use Alia's rules as a guide to help us trim down. Now that everyone is aware of her fitness methods, here are some easy dietary hacks and moderation rules that we can all follow!

Diet hacks of Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt's diet consists mainly of natural and appealing foods of all sorts. But this stunning lady does savour delectable delicacies occasionally.

Alia divides her food into batches, to begin with, to get her digestive process in functioning order. Even though she believes it has been beneficial to keep her beauty secret alive!

The steps are as follows:

  • Breakfast - Alia's day begins with a short cup of sugar-free coffee or tea flavoured with herbal components. Following that, she enjoys an egg-white sandwich or a bowl of poha or cornflakes with a cup of low-fat milk. Breakfast at Alia'a is never the same! Instead, she savours her breakfast.

  • Mid-morning meal - Alia's favourite mid-morning meal is a bowl filled with all kinds of fruit, all-inclusive a substantial amount of papaya, and idli with simply a giant bowl of sambar topped with some cooked veggies and a significant supply of proteins. She considers the mid-morning meal to be equally as important as the other meals.

  • Lunch – She believes in a simple lunch menu. It consists of a cup of lentils, a significant quantity of gently roasted green leafy vegetables, and a standard size roti without any clarified butter. Curd is offered a side dish and is an absolute necessity! Alternatively, she likes a sautéed combination of quinoa, vegetables, and chicken.

  • Evening snacks: To maintain a greater level of fluid consumption, Alia tries to have a few glasses of different fruit juices on hand at all times, which is sometimes replaced with green tea or sugar-free espresso.

  • Dinner - Alia's dinner efficiently satisfies hunger while also providing vital vitamins, fibres, and fats. The same consists of a plate of roasted veggies, a bowl of lentils, and a slice of flatbread. The flatbread does not use clarified butter since it includes saturated fats. As a bit of variation, she sometimes adds a piece of grilled chicken breast or other cured meats.

Alia is a great believer in the importance of eating a nutritious breakfast for optimum health.

  • The Highway girl prioritizes protein by incorporating it three times in each serving.

  • Every two weeks, she allows herself a cheat day!

  • Consuming vegetable salads or fresh fruit juices to retain their nutritious value.

  • It is usually a good idea to detox your system with neem/aloe vera juice or green tea.

  • Snacking late at night is prohibited.

  • Regularly include unprocessed fats such as dark chocolate, almonds, guacamole, and olive oil in appropriate amounts.

  • Sleeping and getting up early in the morning should be a continuous cycle.

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