Change of share capital

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Company Announcement No 09/2023

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Sydbank A/S
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3 May 2023


Dear Sirs

Change of share capital

At the AGM of Sydbank A/S on 23 March 2023 it was resolved to reduce the Bank’s share capital by nominally DKK 18,870,000 by cancelling 1,887,000 shares which were purchased during the Bank’s share buyback programme in 2022.

The creditors’ time limit for filing claims has expired and the Board of Directors has subsequently decided to implement the capital reduction. The capital reduction has been registered with the Danish Business Authority.

As a result Sydbank’s total share capital represents nominally DKK 565,003,200, equal to 56,500,320 shares of DKK 10 each (56,500,320 voting rights).

As a result of the capital reduction the Bank’s Articles of Association have been amended with respect to the size of the share capital. The revised Articles of Association are available at and

Yours sincerely

Sydbank A/S