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Photos: Check out Akshay Kumar's private jet

The Xennial
·3-min read
Photo courtesy: Akshay Kumar/Instagram
Photo courtesy: Akshay Kumar/Instagram

Here's what it looks like.

Akshay Kumar is the highest paid actor in the country. His $48.5 million earnings didn’t just put him on top of Forbes India’s list of the highest paid actors in the country, he made it to the international list too.

Kumar ranks number six in the Forbes 2020 list of the ten highest paid male actors in the world. The list includes Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, Mark Wahlberg, Ben Affleck, Vin Diesel, Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda, Will Smith, Adam Sandler and Jackie Chan.

Photo courtesy: Akshay Kumar/Instagram
Photo courtesy: Akshay Kumar/Instagram

His $48.5 million in annual earning roughly translates to about 357 crore in Indian rupees. So it stands to reason that the man may want to spend some of that money, right?

According to various reports, Kumar spent a cool Rs 260 crore on an aircraft, which he uses to get around within India. Little else is known about the aircraft that Akshay Kumar has reportedly purchased.

Kumar himself hasn’t confirmed the purchase but there are sufficient pictures and videos of him and his colleagues flying private during their film promotions. It stands to reason that he could well be chartering the plane but even so, it’s quite evident what aircraft he seems to prefer.

If the pictures and videos on social media are anything to go by, Akshay Kumar’s aircraft of choice seems to be the Cessna Citation 560 XL.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The midsize business jet is part of Cessna’s Citation family of business jets and the most popular model of the aircraft manufacturing company. The Citation line has been popular for decades with the suits with the first of the aircraft being put into service in 1972.

The Cessna Citation 560 XL is among the best-selling private jets of all time mostly because it easily flies out of and into small airports with great ease while simultaneously offering all the comforts of a mid-size cabin jet.

The cabin of the Cessna Citation 560 XL is a little more than 18 feet in length and can easily sit up to ten passengers in a high-density configuration and six to eight in a corporate configuration (which includes seats facing each other).

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A crew of two is required to fly the plane and even with ten passengers, the 560 XL is a roomy aircraft with ultimate inflight conference room, a full refreshment centre, and the largest baggage compartment in its class so everyone’s wardrobes can easily fit into this baby.

With cruise speed of up to 441 kn (816 kph), the Cessna Citation 560 XL can cruise up to 45,000 feet at speeds that are comparable to commercial airliners so you’re not sacrificing on time just because you’re flying in a smaller aircraft.

It has an endurance of 4 hours and 15 minutes, which means Akshay Kumar can easily take his party from Mumbai to literally any part of the country without a stopover to refuel.

All of this makes the Cessna Citation 560 XL, a particularly nifty aircraft to get around when one has a movie to promote. The Instagram likes are just a happy bonus.