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Cheers! This brewery wants to pay you to drink beer

Candidates will have to know their Fuggles from Cascade hops to be in with a chance of the job (REUTERS/Luke MacGregor)

Is this the best job in the world? Probably.

A London brewery is looking for an official beer taster to join a panel of testers to advise the firm on potential new ranges.

In a job ad posted on LinkedIn, the Meantime Brewing Company says: “Have you ever dreamt of being paid to drink beer? Well, that could soon become a reality as we’re looking for beer lovers to earn a living, tasting new and innovative beers.

“Yes, this could just be the best job in the world.”

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The brewery, based in Greenwich, produces modern beer staples London Lager, London Pale Ale and Yakima Red.

It goes on: “Beer tasters are key in helping Meantime perfect and launch new products around the world.

“A successful candidate will join the panel brewers as they taste, discuss and pass an opinion on a range of different beers.”

The successful candidate will help the brewery launch beers around the world, says the advert (REUTERS/Phil Noble)

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However, the average weekend binge drinker need not apply: this is a job for someone who really knows their stuff.

The LinkedIn job description reads:

  • A passionate beer lover who can provide honest and objective feedback on different beer styles
  • Taste buds for detection and an expert knowledge of alcoholic beverages and the difference between beers and their ingredients. Do you know your Pale Ale from your IPA, chocolate malt from dark malt, Fuggles from Cascade hops?
  • A strong team player, who will be able to build relationships and work collaboratively with a team of other tasters and experts
  • Provide consistent, informed results and feedback

Candidates need to write a 30-word post about why they should get the gig. The position is a part-time role, so you wouldn’t be drinking all day. Which is probably a blessing.

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The job comes a few weeks after whisky distiller Grant’s advertised for a brand ambassador to travel the world and drink a few drams with the locals.

Aside from the normal values of being adaptable, with a good sense of humour, being a good networker etc, Grant’s wanted “someone who can be a credible and authentic figurehead for the brand around the world”.