Christopher Nolan personally delivered the 'Oppenheimer' script to Cillian Murphy in Ireland, the Oscar-nominated actor said

Christopher Nolan personally delivered the 'Oppenheimer' script to Cillian Murphy in Ireland, the Oscar-nominated actor said
  • Cillian Murphy told GQ that Christopher Nolan flew to Ireland to give him the "Oppenheimer" script.

  • The same ritual happens every time Nolan wants Murphy to star in a new film, the actor said.

  • Murphy added that Nolan's family sometimes drops off the scripts when Nolan is busy.

Cillian Murphy and Christopher Nolan have been working together for roughly 20 years, but Nolan still personally delivers his scripts to Murphy.

Murphy told GQ in an interview published on Tuesday that Nolan — who lives in Los Angeles — flew all the way to Ireland — where the actor currently lives — to give him the "Oppenheimer" script.

The Oscar-nominated project is Murphy's sixth Nolan film, but the first time the actor has been cast in a lead role. He plays physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, known as the father of the atomic bomb.


Murphy said Nolan met him at a hotel in Dublin, gave Murphy the script to read for a few hours, before spending the evening together. According to Murphy, this ritual started with their first movie together, "Batman Begins."

"Part of it has to do with keeping the story secret before it goes out. But part of it has to do with tradition," Murphy said. "They've always done it this way, so why stop now? It does add a ritual to it, which I really appreciate. It suits me."

Cillian Murphy as Oppenheimer.
Cillian Murphy as Oppenheimer.Universal Pictures

Nolan's family delivers scripts to Murphy when the director is too busy

Murphy added that Nolan's family has dropped off scripts if the director can't make the journey.

"So, like, it's been his mom who's delivered the script to me before. Or his brother, he'll go away and come back in three hours," Murphy said.

During an interview in December 2023 with the British Film Institute's digital production editor Lou Thomas, Murphy said that he had already agreed to do the movie before he received the script.

"He's done that to me over the last 20 years since we first worked together," Murphy said. "He doesn't have a phone, so Emma Thomas, his wife calls and she gives the phone to him, and it's like the greatest feeling you can get."

"I always say, 'Chris, whatever it is, it's a yes.' But this one was different because I had no idea, there was no warning," he added.

Saying yes was one of Murphy's best career decisions. His performance was met with critical acclaim, including winning the Best Actor Golden Globe award and receiving an Oscar nomination.

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