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Ciara Is Giving Herself 5 Weeks to Lose ‘the Last 10 Lbs.’ of Her Post-Baby Weight

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Ciara is ready to lock in and lose "the last 10 lbs." of her post-baby weight.

The 35-year-old singer gave birth to Win Harrison, her third child with husband Russell Wilson, on July 23, and spent the last few months working on losing weight with the help of WW. But she still wants to drop another 10 lbs., and decided to put herself on a schedule to make it happen.

In an Instagram video with her trainer, Decker Davis, Ciara said that "it's time."

"It's time to turn it up," she said. "I only have ten more pounds left, and the 10 lbs. are the hardest pounds to get off."

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Davis pointed out that "it's a choice, every day," to work on losing weight.

"It's a choice!" she agreed. "And I made the choice to commit to these last 10 lbs., and I'm giving myself five weeks."

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Ciara, a WW ambassador, said she started this five-week plan on May 4, and she's already down 2 lbs.

"We've been going, we've been grinding. Putting the on button, and also me being super on point with my eating plan, my eating regimen that I'm doing with WW, because WW really helps me stay in pocket," she said.

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And once those weeks are up, "I'm going to check in with you guys and I'm going to be down 10 lbs."

"The struggle is real," the "Goodies" singer added in the caption of the post. "But, WE GOT THIS!"

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Ciara, who is also mom to daughter Sienna Princess, 3, with Wilson along with Future Zahir, 6, her son with ex-fiancé Future, previously told PEOPLE that she knows her body has shifted after three pregnancies, making it harder to lose weight. But she's ready for the challenge.

"Physically, your body does change," she said in January. "The older we get, the more our body changes. The more babies we have as women, the more our bodies change."

"But my desire to achieve my fitness and wellness goals, I feel like it's leveled up, to be honest," she adds. "I feel even more empowered and motivated to achieve those goals because there's really no better feeling for me personally than being able to get to that space."

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