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City’s top motivational wellness speakers, according to poll

A new poll has revealed the most sought-after wellbeing experts who are being booked for events across the capital.  
A new poll has revealed the most sought-after wellbeing experts who are being booked for events across the capital.

For workers across the city it’s not just their wardrobe which will be in for a makeover as we move into spring. The seasonal shift is also the perfect moment to reset the mind and boost wellbeing.

And increasing numbers of companies are now helping their employees achieve that by hosting events fronted by speakers who can share advice and tips on how to best do it.

Now a new poll has revealed the most sought-after wellbeing experts who are being booked for events across the capital.

The capital regularly showcases notable gatherings like the Gartner Data Analytics Summit, London Tech Week 2024, and London Toastmasters.


They often play host to sophisticated speakers, many represented by The Motivational Speakers Agency, and draw attendees from across the globe, contributing significantly to London’s economy.

According to the poll among those in the hottest demand to talk about mental health, resilience and wellbeing are sporting legends Kelly Holmes, Ross Edgeley and Frank Bruno.

TV presenter Ruby Wax and SAS hardman Ollie Ollerton also feature in the top 15, conducted by Champions Speakers Agency.

Also on the list were the inspirational female speakers Katie Piper and Martine Wright.

The poll was compiled via extensive research and analysis, key figures have been identified based on their influence, contributions, and impact within the industry.

Jack Hayes, director of Champions Speakers, emphasised the vital role of these inspirational keynote speakers, saying: “Keynote speakers bring invaluable insights and perspectives to audiences, driving innovation and fostering growth within the business community. Their presence enhances the vibrancy of London’s event scene, attracting visitors and generating substantial economic benefits.

“The events industry in London generates substantial revenue, with recent data indicating a staggering £45 billion influx annually. This robust economic impact underscores the city’s pivotal role as a global destination for conferences, seminars, and summits. Moreover, the sector provides employment opportunities for over 700,000 individuals, highlighting its significance in driving employment and economic growth within the city.”

Top wellness speakers

  • Daniel Fryer (psychotherapist, author)

  • Ross Edgley (athlete, author)

  • Frank Bruno (former professional boxer)

  • Luciana Berger (politician, mental health advocate)

  • Ollie Ollerton (former Special Forces soldier, television presenter)

  • Brené Brown (research professor, author)

  • Kelly Holmes (former middle-distance runner)

  • Nigel Owens (rugby union referee)

  • Ruby Wax (actress, comedian, mental health advocate)

  • Dr Christian Jessen (television presenter, physician)

  • Martine Wright (Paralympic sitting volleyball player, motivational speaker)

  • Jonny Benjamin (mental health campaigner, author)

  • Katie Piper (television presenter, philanthropist)

  • Jeff Brazier (television presenter, life coach)

  • Gareth Thomas (former rugby player, television personality)