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CleanBay Renewables Working with Third-Party Expert to Refine Emissions Accounting Framework for Nitrous Oxide Avoidance in Clean Fuel Standards

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CleanBay Renewables Inc. (CleanBay) today announced that it is working with the Climate Action Reserve (The Reserve) to establish a nitrous oxide (N2O) avoidance framework and a protocol for carbon credit accounting associated with fuel and fertilizer derived from poultry manure.

The Reserve, the premier carbon offset registry for the North American market, will initially focus on quantifying the emission reductions from the conversion of agricultural byproducts, like poultry manure, into controlled-release fertilizers. The team will also establish mechanisms to calculate the displacement of fossil transport fuels through the use of agriculture-derived renewable natural gas. The end goal is to develop a science-based framework that is applicable across the entire agricultural sector, enabling science-based carbon credit accounting for agricultural N2O emission reductions.

"Through The Reserve’s independent analysis, we are confident that our process to create renewable natural gas and controlled-release fertilizer from poultry litter will prove to be a sustainable solution to our country’s emissions challenges," said Thomas Spangler, CleanBay’s Executive Chairman. "Further, The Reserve will help scientifically quantify the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that each of our facilities will reduce, while also developing a carbon credit accounting method for the entire agricultural sector."

CleanBay is developing a portfolio of bioconversion facilities across the U.S., each of which will recycle more than 150,000 tons of chicken litter annually. By repurposing a potential source of excess nutrients, each facility can generate over 750,000 MMBtus of sustainable renewable natural gas, 125,000 tons of organic, controlled-release fertilizer, and an estimated 500,000 tons of CO2 equivalent emission abatement that will be available for purchase in carbon markets.

About CleanBay Renewables Inc.

CleanBay is an enviro-tech company founded in 2013 and focused on the sustainable management of waste through anaerobic digestion and nutrient recovery technologies which produce renewable natural gas and controlled-release organic fertilizer. The company’s first bio-conversion facility will be located in Maryland, and the company is actively developing sites for future facilities on the Delmarva Peninsula, in the Southeast, and California. CleanBay’s powerful solution to reduce air, soil and water pollution is sustained by a robust economic model that provides businesses with an opportunity to offset their CO2 emissions, local farmers with an alternative use for their poultry litter, and a controlled-release fertilizer to increase food production and support healthy soils.

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Andy Hallmark
Outreach Director
CleanBay Renewables

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