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CleanCarbon operates a new Waste-to-Energy Conversion facility to combat world pollution

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LONDON, June 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CleanCarbon is a new energy provider and supplier where carbon emissions are not released into the atmosphere. Instead, they are captured, stored, and transformed. The produced energy is 100% renewable, and there are no carbon emissions.

The building blocks of the CleanCarbon project are physical waste-to-energy Ultra-High Temperature Gasification (UHTG) installations, a patented technology recently developed in Europe. This technology offers a new standard of efficiency, low cost, and sophistication in waste management and energy recovery.

CleanCarbon innovates to simplify waste management, giving islands, municipalities, and businesses back valuable operation time, money, and resources — while helping the environment, reducing waste and emission gases.

The business model addresses the fundamental issue that communities, private and public households, and companies face while attempting to reduce pollution and restore energy from waste products.

Following the directive of the European Union, where waste-to-energy incineration has no more place in its sustainability agenda, CleanCarbon offers a unique combination of state-of-the-art Waste-to-Energy installations, sustainable Defi Tokenomics, and physical token utilities.

CleanCarbon is an asset-backed blockchain project and the first initiative that uses Defi as an incubator to accomplish environmental goals faster and more effectively.

The CARBO ecosystem is more than one block of rewards. It offers physical utilities, its platform, and additional financial incentives. Co-operations with local contractors are already in place for CARBO payments in exchange for services rendered to CleanCarbon.

The platform launch is planned for the same day the CARBO token starts trading on PancakeSwap on the 12th of June 2022, 13:00 UTC.

CleanCarbon raised about 2 million dollars in two presale rounds in April/May 2022. Investors accumulated 28.7M tokens in the first presale round in April, plus another 15M CARBO tokens in just a few days in May 2022.

The CARBO token has a deflationary design, and the company provides investors with daily rewards in a stable coin (BUSD) on Binance Smart Chain. The token presents a reflection token's features, and reflections are transferred to the investors' wallet in the native CARBO token. The fixed supply of 500M tokens and regular burning and buyback events turn the token of CleanCarbon into the category of a "deflationary" asset.

The development of the CARBO platform will be expanding, and the team will add new functions over time. New features like the CleanCarbons mobile wallet will be available on the launch day on PancakeSwap.

The CARBO token offers six incentive mechanisms to ensure the project's growth and attractive rewards to the holders. Besides the incentives (Daily Rewards in BUSD, Instant Reflections in CARBO, Buyback, Burning Events, CARBO Treasury, and PanCakeSwap Liquidity), there will be 5% buy and 5% sell fees taken from every transaction on PancakeSwap to fund the reward mechanism.

CleanCarbon scheduled the launch on PancakeSwap for the 12th of June 2022 at 13:00 UTC. The CARBO launch price will be the same as during the presale periods.

CARBO tokens purchased during the presale have a vesting period. For stability reasons, 4000 tokens/day will be released to every holder. The tokens will need to be claimed through the CleanCarbons platform.

The investor does not need to lock CARBO tokens, stake them or store them in any specific wallet. Instead, CleanCarbons incentive mechanisms are built directly into the smart contract and work automatically for everyone 24/7.

To support steady and healthy price movements, CleanCarbon schedules and announces regular burning and buyback events, securing CARBO as a 100% deflationary asset-backed token. As the whitepaper of CleanCarbon states, there can be no more tokens to be created and added to the circulation.

Reliable revenue streams from UHTG facilities are, next to the production of syngas and hydrogen, the field of waste disposal. In converting waste to energy, black carbon and Lactic acid output are profitable streams besides use-cases within hydrogen car rental space.

The operational headquarter of CleanCarbon Solutions SL is registered in Fuerteventura, Spain. The first installation will be in Fuerteventura, followed by local and global expansion.

Locations on top of the list for expansion choices in the grand scheme of CleanCarbon plans are the Canary Islands, Azores, and Madeira, and other archipelagos such as the Balearic Islands or Cape Verde.

The required legal framework is in place to ensure full compliance with the local and other relevant regulations for the near future.

In Dubai, the strategic part of the company (CleanCarbon FZCO) is registered and funded with an initial capital of $200,000 in the Digital Silicon Oasis Zone.

The launch on PancakeSwap will happen on Sunday, the 12th of June, at 13:00 UTC. CARBO's launch price on PancakeSwap will be the same as during the presale periods.

For further information on announcements, please contact or join CleanCarbon on Discord, Telegram Announcements, and Twitter, or read the whitepaper on CleanCarbon's website.

The young community is experiencing a steady growth in the numbers of its community members and investors. From March 2022 until mid-May 22, it has grown from zero to more than 10,500 Members across all its social media outlets in its organic growth approach.

To find more about CleanCarbon's business model, vision and mission, please refer to

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SOURCE: CleanCarbon

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