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Coloplast A/S - Announcement no. 12/2020 - Sustainability Report 2019/20

Coloplast A/S
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The purpose of Coloplast inherently supports social development in society. By making life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs, we enable people to be active and take part in society. It is our priority to make sustainability easier for our users without compromising product safety and clinical performance. Our users do not choose their conditions and they should never be concerned about using Coloplast products in any way. Respect and responsibility are core values at Coloplast and Coloplast works continuously to improve and ensure responsible operations. Coloplast therefore has a solid foundation for working with sustainability.

As part of our corporate strategy, Strive25, we have assessed our impacts, and to advance sustainable development, Coloplast has set new priorities. While we have an on-going commitment to responsible operations, we will do even more to reduce our emissions as well as reducing the impacts from our products and packaging. As a company growing 7-9% annually, we are challenged with making absolute reductions of our emissions. Nonetheless, it is our ambition to use 100% renewable energy by 2025, and we will contribute to solving the problems associated with plastics. To deliver on our 2025 ambitions, we will invest up to DKK 250 million over the next five years.

Coloplast has reached its 2020 targets to increase share of renewable energy, recycle more of our waste and increase the diversity in our management. With these achievements, Coloplast has a solid foundation to do more.

Please find attached our Sustainability Report 2019/20 for more details.

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Coloplast develops products and services that make life easier for people with very personal and private medical conditions. Working closely with the people who use our products, we create solutions that are sensitive to their special needs. We call this intimate health care. Our business includes Ostomy Care, Continence Care, Wound and Skin Care and Interventional Urology. We operate globally and employ about 12,500 employees.

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