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Coronavirus: UK government promises £5bn 'New Deal' to kickstart recovery

Oscar Williams-Grut
Senior City Correspondent, Yahoo Finance UK
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    Had anyone said lack of infrastructure was what the pandemic or problems in the economy had shown the country badly needed? Roosevelt was in the 30s, not just after a situation that had proved that working from home and travelling a lot less was the future! I am all for undoing the damage to schools and hospitals that austerity has done but this just feels like another Boris Bridge. If thousands of people on hospitality, retail, leisure and the arts are now unemployed, how is a programme of infrastructure projects going to help. Or is this just a way to get the NHS and public services into the hands of private investment, "to save the tax payer?
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    After years of austerity to be honest 5bn is a great headline but in reality that is all it really is. When you are a nation billion sound big but is really very small in real terms. 1bn for to do 50 school projects is a great headline but when you think there a 1000s of school it is really quite small. Being PM should not be about making the daily headline but working for the people of this nation.
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    Tories aren't doing any magic, any country can print more notes and borrow. UK debt is £1,887.6 billion (or 97.7% of GDP), an increase of £118.4 billion compared with April 2019; the largest year-on-year increase in debt as a percentage of GDP on record. UK is going down the tube, with No Deal to follow, where Scotland can go whistle. Give us our Section 30 to end the UK.
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    Tom Horse
    This year's harvest from the magic money tree has to be the largest in the history of magic money tree harvests.
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    Again Boris is throwing billions of pounds around like confetti, though very little materialises like many of his promises.
    He does not want to talk about restarting the NHS operations and appointments that were cancelled, and quite a lot of people are still waiting and suffering.
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    Project fear is becoming reality sooner then expected...
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    "We will bring back our jobs".."We will build new roads....and bridged and airports and tunnels and railways". Trump's inaugural address. Nuff said.
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    More debt for us to pay back..... cheers
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    No doubt that will be 4 and a half billion for London and the home counties and what's lleft for the rest of the country getting less as it moves north.
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    If Boris is giving money away, can I have about 15k for a van for a new business, as this coronavirus seems to have made me redundant in my current job. Thanks,