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Coronavirus: Devastation for airlines as UK confirms 14-day quarantine post-travel

Lianna Brinded
Head of Yahoo Finance UK
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    Is this just for foreigners coming into the UK or British Nationals returning back from a trip as well? So if we went on holiday we would be required to quarantine for 14 days?
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    the airline and tourism industries are finished. Hundreds of thousands of jobs will be list
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    no point traveling then to spend 2 weeks locked up , then go back to the airport for return flight
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    Bit late, lots of visitors have continued to arrive on commercial aircraft, private aircraft and rubber dinghies throughout the epidemic.
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    I have totally lost confidence in the Government's judgement. We either ban people from entering the UK or test them before travel. The 14 day quarantine is completely unworkable.
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    This should have happened in March. As per usual with this government they are late to the party. When I returned from LANZAROTE IN LATE MARCH THAT COUNTRY HAD BEEN IN LOCKDOWN FOR 5 DAYS on arrival at Stansted we were just allowed through and to crowd around luggage reclaim without a single check.
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    To consider that people will self quarantine for 14 days is to live in cloud cuckoo land...
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    stir crazy
    The rich will arrive and pay the £1000 fine no deductible no doubt
    The working class will arrive and lose two weeks wages in self change there then...
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    Better late than never, but it's a bit like locking the stable door after the horse has bolted. These measures should have been put in place from the very beginning, and should at least start NOW, not in June
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    Why the need for quarantine for 14 days when people travel?? When they say you can get a covid virus test? And get the results the same or next day??