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Coronavirus: Gaming giant Razer to make and donate 1m face masks and launches extra COVID-19 battle plans

Razer gaming

Global gaming hardware manufacturing company Razer (RAZFF) is to set up a dedicated automated manufacturing line to make face masks as part of its pledge to produce and donate one million masks.

After converting some of its manufacturing lines to make the masks, the gaming company is planning to increase the production capacity as the demand for masks from the original plant conversion has far outstripped what they can produce.

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Razer said they are funding the new line themselves, but are also accepting donations from other companies to help cover the set-up, running and production costs.

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan said in a Twitter post last week: “Over the past few days, our designers and engineers have been working 24-hour shifts to convert some of our existing manufacturing lines to produce surgical masks so that we can donate them to countries around the world”.

Razer is also launching other initiatives as part of battle plans to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

The gaming giant is offering their online platforms and software services as alternative business solutions to their partners in the entertainment industry worst hit by lockdowns and quarantine measures.

Razer has also produced a limited edition poster bearing the slogan “Stay Home and Game On”. All proceeds from the sale of the posters will go to a select foundation fighting the coronavirus.

Razer is also working with gaming website /r/PCMasterRace to encourage gamers to lend their computing resources to computing project Folding@Home that uses computing power to create simulations to help study the process of protein folding so as to aid research on various diseases including COVID-19.

The company recently announced their 2019 results with revenue growing 15.2% year-on-year to a record high of $820.8m (£662.5m).