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Japan declares emergency in Tokyo ahead of Olympics as UK considers help for India

Kate Ng and Andy Gregory
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Travellers arriving from ‘red list’ countries must quarantine (Getty Images)
Travellers arriving from ‘red list’ countries must quarantine (Getty Images)

Japan has declared a third state of emergency for Tokyo and three western prefectures amid fears that it will not be enough to curb a rapid coronavirus resurgence before the Olympics in July.

For days, experts have said semi-emergency measures have failed in the country, which has not enforced lockdowns.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson says he is looking at what he can do to help India, which is setting world records for deaths as the spread of Covid-19 overwhelms hospitals in the country.

The UK government could potentially provide ventilators or therapeutics, the prime minister said.

In Britain, by contrast, scientists advising the government say there is nothing in the latest data to suggest that people will not be able to enjoy a relatively normal summer, though coronavirus cases may well rise as the autumn approaches.

A real-world study in Britain has confirmed that the UK’s two main vaccines provide all age groups with high levels of protection against the Kent coronavirus variant and are cutting community infections.

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