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Releasing young people could be best way out of lockdown, experts suggest

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    Nile G
    Not sure my clients would welcome seeing our business staffed entirely by people under thirty. Age, rightly or wrongly brings a degree of credibility to many professional businesses and an assurance that customers need. Besides about half of the under 30's who work for me still live with their parents.
  • J
    I work at a hotel with about 5 people in that age range... They may struggle to run it on their own... Broadly speaking, logistically how are the younger workforce going assume the role of their seniors? It may sound good on paper but I can't see how it would work in practice.
  • A
    I am the wrong side of 50 and working through the lock down so I am considered young enough for that and as someone who keeps fit would I not be a better candidate than a 30 year old with health problems or is grossly over weight. Being young does not always equate to being healthy.
  • M
    Where I live, over half of those who have tested positive are younger people. We just call them carriers.
  • R
    We shouldn't forget that a lot of people have already been infected, recovered and are now ready for work. I'm on day 5 of a pretty mild case and can't wait to get back to normal after I am no longer contagious.
  • H
    And their older managers and business owners will be where to maintain quality control and productivity and good working practices?
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    Unfortunately, the strategy of releasing younger people to resume their normal lifestyle, whilst keeping all the rest in lockdown cannot work. People would not accept such a discrepancy in the rules.
  • K
    This report seems to have surfaced at just about the worst time. The UK is currently about one third of the way through the current pandemic wave, so pressure to relax restrictions are bound to attract publicity, and will surely be taken out of context. The mind boggles:

    1) Which city is going to offer itself of as a guinea pig for live trails of this experiment?

    2) How will it be monitored?

    3) How will even more draconian surveillance measures to police this be avoided?

    4) In extremis, would we need to treat all 20-30 year olds like criminals on early release?

    Answers on a postcard please ;) (for those who recognise this phrase)
  • J
    This article is making a great assumption that many 20-30 years old don't live with their parents. I can confirm that many do. Majority priced out of renting or buying.
  • j
    Fortunately these 'experts' are living in their own imaginary world!

    SARS-CoV-2 virus does not discriminate by age. Crackpot proposals which run counter to the instruction to stay at home unless your journey is essential are not helpful.

    Letting a privileged few 'loose' will potentially kill many NHS heroes , which in itself is a multiplier putting many more lives at risk. We might not survive a second wave.

    If we all stand together, follow the procedures set out by the government advisers and reject the thoughts from bright spark duds, then we all will have an equal chance.