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Children banned from trick or treating 'in areas under local lockdown'

Ellen Manning
·2-min read
Group of kids with Halloween costumes walking to trick or treating
Children in local lockdown areas won't be able to take part in trick or treating. (Getty)

Children in certain parts of the country won’t be able to take part in trick or treating for Halloween due to local lockdown rules.

The rules mean millions of children won’t be able to participate in the traditional activity on October 31.

Downing Street has reportedly confirmed that parents in areas where households have been told not to mix won’t be allowed to let their children go out and knock on people’s doors on Halloween.

That will include families in the North East, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester and other areas subjected to local lockdowns to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Asked about how the restrictions would affect trick or treating, Downing Street has said the rules are “clear” which means that parents in areas where households aren’t allowed to mix should stop their children from going out.

In areas not subject to local lockdowns, children will still have to abide by the rule of six, limiting the groups they can go out in.

A Downing Street spokesperson has told reporters: “The rules are clear on household mixing, dependent on whether you are in a local lockdown area or not.

“We are clear that everybody needs to follow the rule of six to ensure we can control and try and reduce the spread of the virus.

“The rule of six will be asked of the public.”

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