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Costco Customers Aren't Exactly Vibing With The Food Court Table Changes

people in Costco food court
people in Costco food court - Cassiohabib/Shutterstock

Could Costco be making a big change to its food courts? It's a question that many shoppers have been wondering themselves after noticing some tweaks to the layout at some Costco locations. The grocery chain may be unwilling to budge on its famously cheap hotdog combo, but it would appear the grocery warehouse is willing to make other tweaks. Namely, it has reportedly removed chairs from certain food courts, and customers aren't happy.

One customer took to Reddit to voice their displeasure, sharing an alleged picture of the Costco change. In the image, Costco replaces its usual chairs and table format with a series of standing tables instead. In the post, the Redditor pointed out some downsides to the new setup, writing, "So, with this horrendous setup, no children (or persons under 4 feet tall) are able to use the tables. I had to prop one leg up on the crossbar and balance my toddler on my lap so she could eat her ice cream, not an easy task."

Other shoppers also expressed concern, particularly for those who have a disability or are unable to stand for long periods of time. One user wrote, "This is also irritating because many elderly, who definitely also enjoy Costco, need to have a place to sit and have a hard time remaining standing in one spot."


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Is Costco Actually Making A Change?

costco food court
costco food court - Ant DM/Shutterstock

Before everyone grabs a pitchfork and torch, it's important to note that Costco hasn't announced it's changing its food courts in any large-scale manner. This image appears to have been taken at a single Costco in South Korea. Although some shoppers have reported standing tables at their stores in Montana and Japan, as well, these locations kept seating tables, too. So, as of right now, it appears that Costco is just experimenting with a few adjustments to its food courts on a local level.

It wouldn't be the first time that Costco shoppers have faced changes. Back in 2020, food courts across the country shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only reopening a year later in 2021. Additionally, each Costco location has its own regional or local quirks with some food courts having outdoor seating for shoppers. Meanwhile, one Costco shopper reported their store only has four tables in a post-pandemic world, further highlighting the differences across locations.

That being said, Costco shoppers are willing to voice their displeasure when they feel the grocery chain is moving in the wrong direction. Some shoppers weren't fans of the self-serve sample stations that Costco rolled out at some locations. As for the future of Costco's food courts, it remains to be seen what if any changes will be made to the tables.

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