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Of Course, There's A Viral TikTok Of A Woman Literally Climbing In The Water To Escape It's A Small World After The Ride Stopped

 It's a Small World.
It's a Small World.

Another day, another viral video of somebody behaving badly at a Disney Park. One would hope that being in such a public place, people would be on their best behavior but that just doesn’t seem to be the case. Just a few months after somebody stripped naked and ran around It’s a Small World, one of the best rides at Disneyland, we have somebody making poor decisions on the same ride, half a world away, though thankfully with more clothes this time.

A video has gone viral on TikTok that shows a woman and her family exiting It’s a Small World at Disneyland Paris after the ride has been stopped. It seems somebody didn’t want to wait for things to get moving again and so, despite multiple requests that everybody remain seated, a woman wades into the water to get her family off the boat and then walks into the middle of the attraction.

I’ll admit that part of me appreciates the commitment. The lady removed her shoes and rolled up her pants in an attempt to not get too wet, and then she just stepped right into the water, knowing that there wasn’t going to be any other way to do what she was going to do. And while I know that Disney Parks do their part to keep attraction water clean, I’m still not sure that standing in it is the best idea.


Ride stoppages are never fun, but they are unavoidable sometimes. Sometimes there may be extenuating circumstances, like somebody stuck on a ride that really needs to use a toilet, but often it seems the issue is just that people decide they don’t want to wait, and so jump off a stopped vehicle. We've seen guests jump off Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and a woman, seemingly intoxicated, get off The Grand Fiesta Tour in recent months, both after the ride had to be stopped.

That certainly appears to be what’s happening here, though certainly the video doesn’t tell a complete story. It’s also unclear what happened to this family afterward, though I will assume they were met by security and were, at the least given a strict warning, if not being escorted from the park.

Getting stuck on a ride is no fun. Getting stuck on It’s a Small World is probably less fun than most attractions unless you really love hearing the song over and over again. Still, the best move is to wait. If evacuation of the attraction is necessary, the park will deal with that, and quite often, if things are extreme, Disney Parks will sometimes offer you something to try and compensate you for your time. You won’t get that if you leave early.